Saturday, November 27

Canon T1i and Thanksgiving

Canon T1i

garlic bread

winter scene

heart ornament


Spent Thanksgiving break with family and friends and my new baby. Learning how to use this baby is harder than I thought, but that's okay. [insert huge toothy smile here]

Things I'm thankful for:
- a mostly smooth drive home
- indoor heating or a really heavy pile of blankets
- homemade garlic bread and honey baked ham
- lit-up houses
- reflective tree ornaments
- my new 'I heart Paris' socks
- crepes and napping three times in one day
- nonstop Christmas music on the radio

Thursday, November 4

things i heart

I'm kind of obsessed with hearts. They just tend to show up everywhere - on my jewelry, in letters and emails, even in the form of refrigerator magnets. I don't know, maybe hearts are actually obsessed with me. But the point is... I have a midterm on Friday, so naturally I shop online and come up with a list of things I heart at the moment. I am the worst best procrastinator ever.

1. A key to my heart because jewelry really is the key to every girl's heart. The website no longer has the mini version, which I posted a while ago and is really a lot cuter. I hope they still have them in store.
key to my heart

2. A heart of gold to inspire warm fuzzies on the inside even when it's freezing outside. A reminder that there are nice people out there, so maybe it's okay to trust in mankind every once in a while.
heart of gold

3. An open heart to accept new challenges as they present themselves. And as a reminder to not hit that slow walker in front of you. It's not his fault he's so slow.
open heart

4. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but I'm pretty sure this applies to women as well. When all else fails, snack your troubles away, and these hearty cupcakes may be just my cup of tea.
heart cupcakes