Saturday, April 30

Interview Season

interview heels

I bought these last weekend and like them so much that I had to photoshoot them in the ambient lighting that drops by my living room every late afternoon. Black suede, block heel, and a perfectly rounded toe - everything I look for in a solemate.

It's definitely interview session. In addition to 2 of my own interviews, I've been interviewing people left and right for my clubs/lab and it's been taking more of my free time than schoolwork. So glad today was the last day!

Saturday, April 23

September 10th, 1pm

new necklaces

Made jewelry the other day as a sort of productive procrastination. Had to find some outlet for all of my pent-up creative juices, you know. I think jewelry making may be my Plan B if medical school doesn't pan out, which may end up happening if I keep pushing back my MCAT date.

But this is the last time. (Really.)