Friday, January 28

Birthday Wishlist

6 days until 21.

Here are a few things I'll be wishing really really hard for in the next six days:
1. To not have organic chem lab on my birthday. Staying on campus until 9:30pm is not something on my wishlist.
2. To take a really glamorous license picture at the DMV, so when I get carded (because I will until I'm 35) everyone will be jealous of how amazing I look in my picture.
3. That spring quarter will not exist. Life would be so great if after winter quarter ends, summer is waiting with open arms. (Hello, Paris? Oui, I've missed you too.)
4. To do well on the MCAT. Because, let's face it, spring quarter will exist.

Monday, January 17

What if we lived here?


Getty Villa quad from upstairs

symbol of fertility

cutest kid at the Getty

667 reunion


1. depth, 2. Getty quad from upstairs window, 3. symbol of fertility,
4. cutest kid at the villa, 5. roommate reunion, 6. sleepies

Went back to the Getty Villa with some friends today. The place is magnificent. It's hard to imagine that it used to be a residence... must have been quite the babe magnet for Jean Paul, though I can't imagine he had much time for women given that he spent his life collecting art. (But I'm wrong. Just wiki-ed him and he apparently married and divorced five times and had six sons. So he was quite the busybee.)

We spent the day roaming his house and gardens, perusing fine art and enjoying the architecture of the building and its many fountains. It was hard to concentrate on the art because it was such a beautiful day, so I spent a good amount of time taking silly artsy pictures in the garden, learning the buttons on my new camera, soaking up the sunshine, and discussing the best way to steal a small child with my roommates from last year.

A few hours and a whole lot of walking later, we were all exhausted and ready to head home, as you can see in the above photo taken on the car ride home. Does anyone else get some strange enjoyment from taking pictures of sleeping friends? Just me?