Monday, June 28

wayfarers 1

wayfarers 2

My morning went something like this:

8:30 - alarm goes off
9:00 - disgruntled because I'm out of bed, and am now late because I overslept, as usual
9:15 - frantically getting dressed while using the useless USPS phone "service"
9:25 - rushing to post office #1 to get my package while calling hair salon for an appointment
9:30 - silently cursing after being redirected to post office #2 because that's where all the packages are
9:45 - watching the postal workers move slow as molasses, all the while thinking LATE FOR FIRST DAY OF LAB!!!
9:50 - graciously thanking the shuttle driver for not leaving me behind
9:58 - all sweaty because I speed walked to lab (because running just looks dumb), but worth it because I made it just in time
10:05 - where is everyone? I am informed that lab actually starts at 10:30, not 10

Happens to the best of us sometimes. What was in the package, you ask? My new Wayfarers and Costco/AmEx card. My sunglasses have polarized prescription (read: very expensive) lenses, mostly to be used for driving. And to feel badass when the sun is out. And they're fun to play with because it's kind of a mind-trip to be able to see farther/better with sunglasses. Also, Kaiser was kind enough to send along the original lenses so I can get those put in when my prescription changes (read: worsens).

Mia, my hair stylist complimented me on my sunglasses when I saw her. She also complimented me on my hair, telling me that she loves running her fingers through my soft, luscious hair. All creepiness aside, she's a really nice lady who has never failed me or my soft, luscious hair. Which means a lot because I'm probably the pickiest, hardest-to-please customer on this planet when it comes to my hair. Because getting only a few haircuts a year makes each one a fairly long-term commitment, considering I have to go to sleep with and wake up to the mess on my head every single day. Not that other people don't. Just saying.

Monday, June 7

baby just say yes

love story 1

love story 2


love story 3


These pictures were part of a series taken for my vampire boyfriend's birthday present, courtesy of my friend who is very good with this sort of thing. I'm very much in love with his DSLR, and grateful for his abundant free time and willingness to follow me around campus with his camera. We spent a good portion of that Sunday afternoon lugging around poster boards in search of sunny places, climbing sculptures and trees, and attracting stares from random passersby (which made the experience all the more fun).

I haven't posted pictures in a while, so I figured it was time to return to this blog. You know, with it being finals week and all. Probably not a good thing that I turn to this blog for procrastination more than anything else. But more productive than just staring off into space, which is what I've been doing for the past hour instead of memorizing the differences between proteostomes and deuterostomes. Before you judge, though, I did finish my research paper, which I lovingly refer to as my pride and joy. Seven reprints and a million revisions later, I have seventeen very professional-looking pages reporting on a study that my project group and I designed, created, and conducted over the course of 10 weeks. Feels pretty good to hold the finished product.

Spent yesterday in SLO with my vampire boyfriend for his birthday. His house has no real concept of time. People awake/asleep at odd hours and strategically placed windows that distort the daylight coming in so that at the instant you wake up, you're not quite sure whether it's 9AM or 9PM. Speaking from experience. Still, wish I was there instead of here. The real world is no fun.