Monday, May 30


Pacific Park


Santa Monica pier

ferris wheel


Memorial Day weekend always feels more like a holiday break than a pre-finals study weekend. Maybe it's because summer is just around the corner. Or maybe it's just been too long since the last break. Spent a day in Santa Monica with old roommates and forever friends. Rode all of the big kid rides for cheap (thanks to Groupon), then spent whatever I saved on rides at shops on Third Street. Of course. Spent the next day cleaning out my closet and selling/donating the clothes I no longer wear and decided that I should really shop less.

There's about a week of school I have to get through before summer finally gets here. Family time, working at the pool, and Paris. I've been waiting for Paris since last summer. I've made a packing list, a restaurant list, a sightseeing list, and a souvenir list. I've made so many lists for Paris that I need a list to keep track of my lists. I kid you not. It's really hard to contain my excitement, so I guess it's productive that my excitement manifests itself in the form of list-making.

Countdown to Paris: exactly 4 weeks

Monday, May 16










This past weekend was bliss. 24 hours by Lake Arrowhead with friends, s'mores, drinks, and nature-y adventures (kind of). But mostly it was a quiet mountain escape and a wonderful place to relax and forget about work, deadlines, and responding to all the emails that constantly clutter my inbox.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the water. And the sky. I loved the way the overcast sky and foggy lighting made all of the lakeside pictures look like screen captures from a haunted love story. Sometimes, my artistic musings are a little too Romantic for my time. (That's capital R for the Era.)

Wednesday, May 4


college night


ham and brie

tiger roll

It's pictures like these that make me realize what a fatty I am. I'm just so inexplicably, ridiculously attracted to food. (Revelation #1)

I went to College Night at the Getty a couple of nights ago with girlfriends. We ate free food, met Lady Danville, fell in love with Sophie Roux, and did artsy and sophisticated things before ending the night with a calorie binge at the Cheesecake Factory. I heart girls nights out. (Revelation #2)

And on a totally unrelated note, my hair has gotten really long. (Revelation #3) I don't want it any longer, but I don't want a haircut either. Waiting game.