Thursday, November 26

This year, I am thankful for

an enrollment time that got me all of my classes,
Japanese cherry blossom scented lotion,
fresh fruit in the UCLA dining halls,
Sproul Hall's automatic toilets,
movies that made me cry,
doing well in my classes,
my vampire boyfriend,
amazing roommates,
this past summer,
lacy underthings,
vintage stores,
Taylor Swift,
yoga pants,
my guitar,


Tuesday, November 3

I would just like to point out

that Victoria's Secret is amazing. Anytime I wake up feeling incredibly unattractive, slipping into lacy underthings is pretty much an insta-sexy boost. Behold, the Lacie collection:

Above: the wireless bralette, $18

Above: the Lacie with ruffles, $16 or 3/$30

Above: the Lacie, $16 or 3/$30

What a girl wants? Absolutely.

Monday, November 2

I like the way you sound in the morning

Wearing: H&M lace cardigan, BP tank, pleated skirt borrowed from P, Payless ruffle pumps

This is what I wore to an interview a few days ago. This picture was taken on my phone, so sorry about the sketchy quality. I threw a scarf on over the outfit and braved the wind storm that randomly hit LA. I'm applying to be a CPR/First Aid instructor for the Student Welfare Commission, so I figured I needed to look responsible. The acceptance/rejection emails come out in a few days, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I had an amazing weekend. My vampire boyfriend visited, so we made a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. That place really is magical. We spent the rest of our time hanging around UCLA and Westwood just relaxing. It's funny how every time he visits, he ends up getting more sleep than he normally does, and I end up getting less. I sleep a lot.

This upcoming week is my last week of freedom before Round Two of midterms begins. The first round wasn't too bad, but the second round is so much more intimidating. I should start studying early for once.

p.s. Has anyone heard Taylor Swift's new songs? "Jump Then Fall" is amazing!