Wednesday, July 28

Love and Lessons


This picture was taken with Lil J's new camera, which is as gorgeous as the pictures it takes. I like this picture because it shows off my new "love" ring and my new apartment-mate, K. She is special because she is the best cook ever and loves to cook for people. Which is oddly coincidental because I love being cooked for.

In other news, I learned a few important things this past week. Just thought I'd share some of it.

1. There is a running path in a park near my apartment. It's shaded by trees and it's wonderful.
2. Playing on swings after running may be the best feeling ever.
3. Rendezvous beef nachos, though good pre-sweat-session, are even better after a workout.
4. Gmail's canned response system is genius.
5. Trader Joe's sour cream spinach dip fixes everything.
6. My health would probably improve tenfold if Volcano Tea House's crack boba was more than a 5 minute drive from my apartment.
7. If there's a knock on the door in the morning, answer it no matter how early it may be. As in, don't assume the knocker will just think no one is home and go away. (Because it could be your building manager, who lets himself in to fix the sink and then finds you looking all confused and disheveled in your sleep boxers and morning hair.)

Tuesday, July 20

best day ever

So remember when I raved about Marié Digby a year ago? Well, I excitedly posted on Twitter that she's headlining Kollaboration Acoustic 4 (which is going to be ah-mazing) and she replied to my tweet!

Marie Digby twittered at me!

and I promptly retweeted:

Marie Digby retweet

p.s. Also check out my friend, Judy Lee (aka Youtube's thePeonyProject), who will also be performing at Kollaboration. Her stuff is Sara Bareilles meets Ingrid Michaelson meets soft guitar and cutesy lyrics. Raw talent, she is.

Sunday, July 18


little heart before

little heart after

big heart before

big heart after

little and big

heart necklaces

Enjoyed a lazy Sunday being artsy at home. I was inspired by the collection of pretty Dogeared necklaces at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, but buying the entire collection seemed a bit excessive, so I decided to find an art store and make my own. After a successful trip to a local bead store, I had heart pendants, jump rings, gold clasps, and a few feet of gold chain. An hour, a tool kit, and two episodes of Friends later, I had my shiny new babies!

A weird coincidence: as I was watching Friends, I learned (unless I grossly misread the contextual clues) that "dogeared" refers to folding down the corner of a page in a book. Cute, right?

Sunday, July 11

Tom's favorite place

500 Days

500 Days bench

My vampire boyfriend visited LA this weekend. Naturally, we spent it doing all sorts of fun things. For you indie/chick flick lovers, these pictures were taken at Angels Knoll, near downtown LA. The grassy "park" is actually just a handful of benches and trees thrown onto a small patch of grass, but it's a really peaceful sanctuary tucked between LA's busy streets and tall buildings. Well worth the rush hour traffic and $6 parking fee we paid to get there.

I spent most of today in responsible-because-I'm-living-on-my-own mode. I went grocery shopping, did laundry, vacuumed, swiffered, and clorox-wiped all smooth surfaces within reach. So spring cleaning came a bit late this year. Better than never, I suppose. My boyfriend left me with his cough, so now my voice is all kinds of sexy. I bought an economy-sized pack of cough drops, which are now keeping me company as I finish up my physics assignment. Really cannot believe this summer session is already half over. Really really cannot believe I'll be officially declaring my major soon. Cue panic.