Wednesday, February 24

Today I feel...

Wearing: sadness

Currently blogging in the dark with Sniffle on my lap. Slow music playing in the background. Can't find the motivation to stand up and turn on the lights. Can't even find the motivation to plug in speakers or the power cord to my laptop, so the battery is slowly dying.

I don't think I've ever put so much time and effort into studying for a midterm. I don't think I've ever given up so much sleep and felt so confident that I knew the material. And I don't think my confidence has ever come crashing during an exam that ended up being so unfairly difficult. And to top it off, my class enrollment time happened to fall during the midterm. I thought it would be fine to enroll after, but the classes I needed closed during said midterm.

I think I'll just ditch the rest of the day and walk around Westwood or something. But it looks like it's going to rain. Yeah, it would.

Don't worry. I'm okay. It's just... today sucks.

Monday, February 15

what if we just stayed here forever?

getty villa 1

getty villa 2

getty villa 3

getty villa 4

getty villa 5
Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Urban Outfitters studded boots and bag

I had the best weekend with my vampire boyfriend.

Friday: sushi and Friends (The One With Unagi)
Saturday: 99 Ranch Market, Asian pastries, dinner with family, Olympics, card games
Sunday: traffic, the Getty Villa, more traffic, French dinner, Mulholland Drive at night, more cards
Monday: waking up slowly and refusing to say goodbye

Tonight, I'm playing bejeweled doing a weekend's worth of work. Yes, let's do it.

Thursday, February 11

Parisian Love

I'm currently applying for research positions. I'm staying in LA over the summer, so I'd like to do some research in addition to taking classes. I know I still have time to find a position, but I feel pretty desperate when emailing out cover letters/resumes asking for a volunteer position. Why is volunteering a selective process? Isn't helping out for free welcome everywhere?

Anyways, I actually got up and went to yoga this morning. Haven't been in a while, so now I'm sore all over. (Ouch.) I have yet to find the motivation to change out of my yoga attire, so I'll probably be schlepping around in yoga pants and a loose tank (topped off with a cozy granny sweater) for the rest of the day.

And finally, I leave you with Parisian Love for the Valentine's Day weekend. It won't cost but a few tears and 52 seconds of your life. Watch it:

Friday, February 5


birthday 1

birthday 2


red velvet!
wearing: ALL Forever 21 stuff (um, oops) and Faryl Robin heels

This is what I wore for my (twentieth. WHAT?!!) birthday celebration last night. I know, Forever 21 is taking over the world my closet, but with the turnaround rate of my clothes climbing ever higher, it's good to find fun/cheap/replaceable clothing.

I had planned to have dinner with friends in Westwood, but couldn't make reservations anywhere because the party was too big, so we ended up getting stuff from the Kogi truck instead! So. Good. We had our to-go dinner/jello/cake in the dorms, then went clubbing in Hollywood. Our party bus took forever to leave, getting in was a complete nightmare, and the dance floor was way too crowded, but it was an amazing night.

I woke up this morning after getting slightly under three hours of sleep and went apartment hunting with my roommates for next year. I'm so excited to have my own room next year, and so excited to help decorate the apartment! After apartments, we drove to Sawtelle for boba/pho/poking around in random Asian import stores.

My friends are the best. :)

p.s. I'm still learning how to use the camera on my new phone (I learned how to focus yesterday!), but I'll work on the awkward lighting. Or better yet, I'll try to take more pictures with my camera.

Monday, February 1

ohsothisistheblogi'vebeenmeaningtoupdate :)

I know, I've been neglectful. I swear I haven't been up to much. Mostly, I've been dreaming about pi bonds doing things like this:

story time

Story time with cuddly friends. The stories have gotten less vampire-love-story-ey and more organic-chemistry-ey as of late. Speaking of which, I have a midterm later today so I really should not be thinking about blogging. But I am.

Instead of recapping the past two months, I'll just share some valuable lessons I've picked up along the way. Perhaps not too widely applicable, but widely enough, I think.

Lessons in Getting Dressed
1. Dress according to the weather. It's not that hard to look out the window just once before digging through the closet.
2. UGGs and boxers for staying in is cute. UGGs and short shorts for going out is skanky.
3. On windy days, never wear lace under a skirt without shorts.
4. Rain boots work wonders if avoiding puddles is difficult.
5. When a complete stranger has your dress/sweater/outfit on, compliment them unless you can successfully avoid eye contact.
6. For special occasions, always look nicer than you think you should.
7. When in doubt, the time-tested combo of cardigan-tee-jeans-flats has never failed.

Lessons in Walking in Public Places
1. If texting while walking, don't forget the occasional upward glance. This helps in avoiding obstacles such as people, traffic cones, and lampposts.
2. When throwing trash into a garbage can, don't scream if a squirrel jumps out of said garbage can. Passersby will stare.
3. Don't assume people are waving at you and not the person behind you. Along those lines, make sure you know the person before offering a greeting.
4. Never ever be a road block. There is nothing more annoying than a slow walker, especially on rainy days.

Lessons in Love
1. First and foremost, there is no need to go looking for love. It's not a lost child that needs to be found, it's just taking its time reaching its final destination. It will find you - but probably not at a convenient time and probably when you are least expecting it.
2. Give and take equally. This isn't a one-way game.
3. Love is unconditional. Believe it.
4. Never be afraid to say "I love you," as long as it's the truth.
5. When at a loss for words, try music.
6. When no one else can relate, turn to Taylor Swift.
7. Time does heal, but so does shopping.