Thursday, November 26

This year, I am thankful for

an enrollment time that got me all of my classes,
Japanese cherry blossom scented lotion,
fresh fruit in the UCLA dining halls,
Sproul Hall's automatic toilets,
movies that made me cry,
doing well in my classes,
my vampire boyfriend,
amazing roommates,
this past summer,
lacy underthings,
vintage stores,
Taylor Swift,
yoga pants,
my guitar,


Tuesday, November 3

I would just like to point out

that Victoria's Secret is amazing. Anytime I wake up feeling incredibly unattractive, slipping into lacy underthings is pretty much an insta-sexy boost. Behold, the Lacie collection:

Above: the wireless bralette, $18

Above: the Lacie with ruffles, $16 or 3/$30

Above: the Lacie, $16 or 3/$30

What a girl wants? Absolutely.

Monday, November 2

I like the way you sound in the morning

Wearing: H&M lace cardigan, BP tank, pleated skirt borrowed from P, Payless ruffle pumps

This is what I wore to an interview a few days ago. This picture was taken on my phone, so sorry about the sketchy quality. I threw a scarf on over the outfit and braved the wind storm that randomly hit LA. I'm applying to be a CPR/First Aid instructor for the Student Welfare Commission, so I figured I needed to look responsible. The acceptance/rejection emails come out in a few days, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I had an amazing weekend. My vampire boyfriend visited, so we made a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. That place really is magical. We spent the rest of our time hanging around UCLA and Westwood just relaxing. It's funny how every time he visits, he ends up getting more sleep than he normally does, and I end up getting less. I sleep a lot.

This upcoming week is my last week of freedom before Round Two of midterms begins. The first round wasn't too bad, but the second round is so much more intimidating. I should start studying early for once.

p.s. Has anyone heard Taylor Swift's new songs? "Jump Then Fall" is amazing!

Thursday, October 22


I've become quite the workaholic. Staying on top of my workload means studying all afternoon, saving a an hour or two for a workout and dinner, and having just enough free time at night to procrastinate. I figured that my productivity peaks around noon and goes downhill from there, so I study mostly during the day. Studying at night is about as useless as my physics professor a dull razor. I hope that dull razor comment sounds as good as I think it does because it took me and my roommates a good five minutes of brainstorming to come up with. Other things that my roommates and I do include painting our nails, singing together, and taking pictures with this panda:


Isn't she a cutie? Really, though. I love my roommates. I even like (most of) the people on my floor. Well, I like the ones I've met. This is my RA, Ying:


She's small and Asian and so adorable. My RAs are usually the reasons I don't sleep at night. We stay up late and have long gossipy talks about dating and relationships and why nice guys don't finish last.

In other news, the virus that infected my roommates a few weeks ago has worked its way into my system. I've been sick since the weekend, but not according to this awesome thermometer:

not sick?

This is a reusable thermometer that gives an accurate temperature reading after sixty seconds under the tongue. My temperature on Monday (my sickest day) was a perfect 98.6, so no fever here. I've been so close to getting un-sick for two days now. Today, I gave in and bought Sudafed to clear my congested nose. Hopefully, the virus will be gone by tomorrow.

Saturday, October 10

Someone dress me, please.

3rd Street

Wearing: Gap cardigan, random tank with Japanese girls and pagodas from Hawaii, Hudson jeans, Minnetonka moccasins, favorite bag

I spent today in Santa Monica with TJ. I love her. We thrifted at Goodwill, where I found my Halloween costume! I don't particularly like Halloween, but my friends and I plan to go to Knott's Scary Farm, so I was in need of a costume. Plus, Halloween is on a Saturday this year. Now I'm completely serious when I ask, what is there to do besides party? Anyway, after Goodwill, TJ and I headed over to Crossroads before we hit Third Street Promenade. We stopped at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, but surprisingly came out empty-handed. I did, however, come out with the ghastly hat-glasses-scarf picture seen above.

Once again, I find myself quite lost stylistically. I'm still liking the dress-and-boots look, and I love that its simple enough for me to put together in my groggy morning state. I'm also in love with unexpected feminine details like ruffles or lace, but other than that, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm mostly having trouble dressing myself now that the weather is cooling down. Not that I'm complaining or anything... I love this weather, but what do you wear when it's too cold for skirts but too hot for jeans?

Sunday, September 27

shoe splurge

camera outfit 1

camera outfit 2

camera outfit 3

camera outfit 4
Wearing: Old Navy V-neck pocket tee, Forever 21 shorts (via Crossroads) and camera necklace, Urban Outfitters Ecoté gladiators, P's brown leather saddle bag

I woke up in a great mood this morning afternoon due to a wonderful dream I had. After brunch, P and I headed to Westwood to do some shopping. We picked out colorful panties at Victoria's Secret at 10 for $25 thanks to a coupon I downloaded. I then splurged on T-strap flats (in pink) and studded suede boots (in tan) at Urban Outfitters. They're so beautiful! After another gratifying trip to Yogurtland, we shopped at DSW and Top Shoes before heading back to the dorm to try on everything we had just bought.

The weekend is almost over and I have yet to do anything productive. I need to start reading for my Life Science class, at the very least. I guess I'll do that tonight. On the bright side, the scorching heat is subsiding and temperatures are forecasted to drop into the low 70s by the end of next week, so my sweat glands can finally take a break. THANK GOD.

Thursday, September 24

LA in pictures

beverly center 1

beverly center 2

beverly center 3
Wearing: Kimchi & Blue dress, Aldo flats, Betsey Johnson sunglasses

I paid a visit to the Beverly Center with P today. The place is eight stories high, but only the top three levels are for shopping. The bottom five levels make up the parking garage. What a colossal waste of space. P and I spent most of our time in stores where we could afford to buy things - namely Forever 21, For Love 21, and Heritage. I came back with oodles of flowy, flowery goodness. Mmmm, retail therapy is the best.

I've finally uploaded pictures for the first-few-days-in-LA update, so here it is:

These are my cutie roommates, D and P.

diddy riese
I'm really bad at keeping track of days, but a few nights ago, my roommates and I had our first adventure to the Yogurtland in Westwood. Our jaws dropped when we saw the line for Diddy Riese curl around the block. I've never seen it that long!

We made it to Yogurtland! Mine is the bland-looking one at the bottom, but I swear it was tasty because it was covered in mochi.

We've been spending the past few days settling into our new room. A lot of time has gone into decorating. This is the space above my desk. Of course Audrey is in the middle of everything.

picture heart
I put my family and friends into a heart near my bed. I love that the walls of Sproul Hall are made of bulletin board material so pictures can go up anywhere.

This whiteboard lives by my desk. I make lists obsessively.

D drew this on the whiteboard outside our room. We're the AAA (pronounced "ahhh") room because our names all end with A.

lavender before
This is my baby lavender plant. I haven't named her yet. Bonnie the bonsai didn't make it through the summer, so I found a replacement.

lavender after
I planted her two days ago. It's so hot in my room that I need to water her twice a day. I haven't seen any growth yet, but hopefully I'll see some sprouting soon. Fingers crossed!

Monday, September 21

back to school



Wearing: American Eagle colorful flannel, American Apparel deep V tee, brandless shorts, Steve Madden boots, Wet Seal floral sunglasses, H&M ruffle purse

On one of my final days of summer, I met these girlies for some Thai food and a biking adventure through Golden Gate Park. We rode past a waterfall, the Academy of Sciences, the deYoung Museum, and had lots of fun holding up traffic in the park.

That night, I got all dressed up and my Vampire Boyfriend took me out to dinner. He brought me flowers and this stuffed cutie (his name is Sniffle) to keep me company at school.


The drive down to LA took over nine hours, and move in took four. It's currently 86 degrees and I'm missing the fog already. On the bright side, I'm loving Sproul Hall! Everything is so crisp and new. The showers are amazing and our room is spacious and decorated all pretty-ly. I've taken pictures and will post them soon. P and I have decided that we'll take more pictures this year. Hopefully, we stick to that. Well, I'm off to the pool to attempt to bring my body temperature down a few degrees. Pictures? I'm thinking yes!

Monday, September 7

I didn't smell garlic today.

gilroy 2

gilroy 1

gilroy 3

gilroy 4
Wearing: Forever 21 WWF panda tee, brandless shorts, Minnetonka triple-layer fringe boots, Wet Seal floral sunglasses, H&M ruffle bag

This outfit is very reminiscent of LA, which is appropriate because I haven't spent a whole day shopping with P since summer started. P and I spent the day at the premium outlets in Gilroy. I hadn't been shopping in a while, so I surprised myself by keeping the purchases to a minimum. For the record, the shopping bags in the pictures above don't all belong to me. I did end up buying a blazer and two new nail polish colors (among other things), but P got the greatest bargain with her $80 leather jacket.

After a day at Great America and another in Gilroy, my legs really need some time to recover. That time won't be anytime soon, though. Tomorrow, I'm lap swimming and going back-to-school shopping with the Vampire BF. This week's agenda also includes a visit to the Asian Art Museum, the De Young, and... I'm expecting to see some serious leg toneage.

Saturday, September 5

you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess

eggettes 2

eggettes 1


Rhea and Hubes
Wearing: Gap cozy sweater, Old Navy stirrup leggings (ohmygod I love these things), Forever 21 boots, new favorite scarf (that was a gift)

I took pictures! Shocking, I know. Tonight, I saw R and Daddy H for the first time this summer. R, who went from veggies-only to total-carnivore status practically overnight, introduced me to La Corneta. We got super burritos with steak and followed it up with a trip to Eggettes next door. These two chums are completely ridiculous together. It's a good thing our thought processes are similar because they can't seem to stay on one topic for more than thrity seconds. Gotta love them! Check out this little Gossip Girl that sat at the table next to ours. Can't you just see her growing up to be Serena van der Wooden?

little gossip girl

Can you believe this summer is coming to an end? In two weeks' time, I'll be leaving my beloved foggy city behind and moving back to smoggy sunny LA. I can't even begin to express how NOT ready I am to start school again. I could cry.

Things that remind me of summer:
- chlorine in my hair
- disgusting tan lines (which have, yet again, taken over my body)
- clear starry nights
- not working on Sundays
- Taylor Swift's Love Story
- Orbit's spearmint gum
- dirt cups
- my panda shirt
- late night trips to Twin Peaks
- Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
- Lovejoy's Tea Room

Saturday, August 22

Lately, I've been

blissfully happy.

Sunday, August 9

Aboard the MS Zaandam

Alaska in pictures in chronological order:

formal night
First formal night. Wearing: Urban Outfitters Tikirani dress, Payless ruffle pumps.

Alaska sea view
Same formal night, the view from the library.

Mendenhall Glacier from the helicopter
View of the Mendenhall Glacier from the helicopter we took to get there.

Semi-formal night. Wearing: Gap collared shirt, Forever 21 floral skirt, Steve Madden ruffle pumps, H&M ruffle bag.

Margerie Glacier
In Glacier Bay, the view of the Margerie Glacier from the bow of the MS Zaandam.

Ketchikan totem
In the totem pole forest of Ketchikan, Alaska. Wearing: Forever 21 WWF panda tee, Seven For All Mankind jeans, Converses, H&M ruffle purse.

View of the island from the cannery in Ketchikan.

A full day at sea. Enjoying life in a hammock on the open skydeck of the Zaandam. Wearing: Disney's Tinkerbell sketch tee, Forever 21 leggings, Minnetonka fringe boots, $1.50 brandless sunglasses.

Seattle vending machine
A one-stop-shopping-style vending machine in Seattle, Washington. An unexpected array of contents: leisure books (including Twilight!), a beach fun pack, food, hand-held video games, sunscreen, playing cards, lip balm, a first aid kit, and a disposable camera.

In the downtown shopping district of Seattle. Gotta love Nutella!

Thursday, July 30

My life according to Taylor Swift

I've missed you, blogger! I keep meaning to update, but I've once again gotten lazy with dressing myself and taking pictures. I seem to have fallen back into my ritual of eat-sleep-guard, but I do look forward to hanging out with a certain new friend after work, especially since he doesn't care how lazy I am with dressing myself. Pretty much anything is a step up from the black yoga pants and uniform tee that I dutifully sport every day at the pool.

I'm currently packing for a week-long trip to Alaska with my family. Tomorrow morning, I fly to Seattle and board a ship that will sail me around the glaciers. I love packing, yes I do! I'll admit it's kind of a hassle, but it just builds anticipation for the upcoming trip. Plus, I love any reason to go through my endless closet and excessive supply of shoes. Do I really need six pairs of shoes for this trip? I'm thinking yes.

I took this survey from clandestinique, who took it from someone else. Gotta love recycling! Given my recent obsession with Taylor Swift, I had to do it.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Re-post as “my life according to (band name)”

Pick your Artist: Taylor Swift

Are you a male or female: Tim McGraw? (Fail. Alright, I tried.)

Describe yourself: Tied Together With a Smile

How do you feel: Fearless

Describe where you currently live: A Place in This World

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Outside

Your favorite form of transportation: White Horse

Your best friend is: Crazier

You and your best friends are: Forever and Always

What’s the weather like? Cold As You

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: The Best Day

What is life to you: Love Story

Your current relationship: I'm Only Me When I'm With You

Your fear: Should've Said No

What is the best advice you have to give: Stay Beautiful

Thought for the Day: You Belong With Me

My motto: Breathe

Not bad, right? Way to go, Taylor! I'll resume the picture posts in Alaska as long as our room has free internet. I'm really excited to show off my new heels!

Sunday, July 19

Sectumsempra - for enemies

downtown 1

downtown 2

downtown 3

downtown 4
Wearing: Target Mossimo cardigan, Free People silk tank, H&M leggings and bag, Steve Madden boots

Believe it or not, today was my first day shopping in downtown San Francisco since I've been back from LA. P and I had Thai for lunch and shopped around before watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I must say, with just the right amount of chuckle, seriousness, and romance, this is the best Harry Potter movie made thus far. Kudos.

DSW is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores. P quite literally had to detach me from the window display of Steve Madden pumps and booties to bring me inside. Even if I have no real reason to be shoe shopping, I still love walking down the aisles and perusing pumps that I'll probably never wear. Urban Outfitters, however, was such a tease today. P and I were so excited when we saw the SALE ON SALE signs in the display. After trying on a bazillion pieces, I bought nothing, and P, who tried on nothing, ended up with a skirt.

I'm working every single day next week, but I'm really excited because I'm not teaching swim lessons! I'll be lifeguarding and watching my coworkers teach from the guards stand. Life is good.