Monday, December 29

Feeling Adventurous

The Megan Buckle Flat, by the Frye Company
Found at Frye online: $158
Purchased at Crossroads: $35
Successful thrifting: priceless

Inspired by my thrifting win last week, I'm taking L on a thrifting adventure through San Francisco's Mission District tomorrow. Our scheduled stops include Clothes Contact, Thrift Town, Mission Thrift, Community Thrift, and Goodwill. This time, I'll remember to bring my eco-friendly shopping tote with me.

Twilight + Amélie

I was just perusing Youtube earlier when I stumbled across this:

This is probably the best video posted to YouTube since communitychannel put up her Harry Potter video. It effortlessly blends two things that sit very high on my favorites list - Twilight and the Amélie movie soundtrack. As strange as that sounds, the video captivates me like no other. I find myself falling in love with Amélie all over again - all the while gaping at Edward Cullen with my mouth hanging slightly open.

Sunday, December 28

pencils and empty ketchup bottles

I just watched this movie:

Possibly the best line ever:

"When we kiss, I see stars and he sees fireworks, and he says that means that we're in love, and he's right because otherwise, when we kiss, we'd see stuff like pencils and empty ketchup bottles." - Anna Faris as Shelley Darlington

I learned a new word, too - vapid, as in, "you're so vapid." By definition, it means lacking or having lost life, sharpness, or flavor; insipid; flat. I just took it to mean stupid.

I hope everyone has gotten their textbooks for next quarter. I sure haven't.

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

I was jostled out from under my warm covers at the ungodly hour of 8 AM. I unwillingly donned an overly festive bright red bow headband, sparkly snowflake earrings, my ski jacket, and my furry boots to visit my grandparents. As I drifted off to sleep on the drive back, my dad commented on how he loves waking up early because it makes him feel productive.

We got home shortly before 11 AM, just in time to clean and vacuum before welcoming the slew of relatives that will be staying with us for the rest of the week. We put off opening Christmas presents until tonight, but we've entertained ourselves with foosball, board games, and Xbox.

Everyone left for a walk around San Francisco, leaving my mom and me to make Christmas dinner. When we finished most of it, my mom gave me an early birthday gift (because I'll be at school on my birthday).

Check out my 19th birthday present!

That's an 18K white gold Hello Kitty sitting on a cultured white pearl. I didn't know Sanrio made jewelry other than the outrageous costume stuff they sell in stores.

So here I am, contently wasting away time in front of Lappie, waiting for my family to get back from their walk.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 24

I heart boys who sparkle!

So S and I walked into Hot Topic today and found a small bottle of roll-on body glitter priced at $10. It's selling point? It'll make your boyfriend shimmer like Edward Cullen in sunlight! No lie - it was the last bottle on the shelf. Apparently, shiny vampire boyfriends are a hot commodity these days.

While we were shopping, S and I discussed the concept of Santa Claus. I told her that my parents never tried to convince me Santa existed. They would just present me with a gift every Christmas morning and I would be grateful to my parents, not to some jolly old man who sneaks into people's houses via chimney in the dead of night and leaves presents in exchange for milk and cookies. I'm not a Scrooge or a cynic, I just find the idea of Santa Claus a little strange. Why can't we just celebrate the holidays with family, the way it's meant to be, and leave the old man out of it? Anyways, when I opened my Firefox browser earlier, instead of displaying my iGoogle homepage, it displayed, which featured a story of the military tracking Santa's sleigh ride around the world (for the non-believers).

Twas the night before Christmas, and what have I to do? Gotta clean my room and vacuum in preparation for my cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents' visit tomorrow morning. So good night, sleep tight, and pass on my hello to Santa if you catch him in your chimney!

Sunday, December 21

Fortune Cookie

I spent over a hundred and twenty dollars at the Gilroy Premium Outlets today. (Bad Mel, I know.) I meant to buy Christmas gifts for some people, but last-minute Christmas shopping is just so frustrating and stressful, I ended up getting things for myself. Plus, everything was so cheap due to sales upon sales, and I do love finding a good deal. Even so, talk about shopping fail.

After Gilroy, S and I, with the rest of our families, ate at Crazy Buffet in Santa Clara. While there, I opened a fateful fortune cookie that contained perhaps the worst fortune I've ever encountered. It read, "The real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and is happy that the system works." On the back, the LEARN CHINESE word was "disease." Talk about a bad omen. Maybe I should play it safe and stay in bed tomorrow.

Well, here are some things I bought last week, both from Forever 21.

A plaid shirt to grunge up my look. I love that it has a woodsy feel to it.

This dress was $26 and 100% silk. Talk about a good deal! I know it's a bit impractical for Winter in San Francisco, but I'll be back in LA soon enough, and I'll be able to break out my Spring/Summer wardrobe again. Sunshine, how I miss you!

Monday, December 15

sex god

I finally saw Twilight with P today. We both loved it! What surprised me most about the movie was not that it was corny and predictable, but that there was a character even hotter than my vampire, Edward Cullen.

Meet Dr. Carlisle Cullen, sex god extraordaire.

P and I literally started hyperventilating when he came out in his white medical coat and all of his godliness.

Sunday, December 14

It's good to be home.

I'm back in my favorite foggy city. The first night, I was so happy to be cold. After that... I was just cold. At least my family keeps the heater on during the winter so nice and toasty inside. I've missed my bed, my carpet, and my bathroom ohsomuch. Oh, being home just makes me so happy!

My first night back, I drove to Millbrae to visit my buddies there. We congregated at J's house and played perhaps the saddest, shortest game of Taboo ever played. Then I watched as they drank (I had to drive home). Midnight marked J's 19th birthday, so happy birthday again!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mommy. I love this:

PANDA! The purchase of this adorable panda benefits the World Wildlife Fund, so don't feel guilty buying more than one. :) You can get it here.

And check out these open heel and toe leggings. I thought the foot part was a giant stirrup, but I guess I was wrong.

Last night, I finished reading Breaking Dawn for the second time. I skipped Jacob's book and found it a lot more enjoyable this time. I'm off to see Twilight with P tomorrow right after she gets a second ear piercing. I'm so excited for her!

Thursday, December 11


My packed bag is sitting in the middle of my almost empty room. I get the room all to myself tonight because both P and D have left for winter break. Not that I don't love P (D can go die for all we care...), but I do love me some privacy every once in a while.

I'm overjoyed - blissfully happy - to be done with finals. I'm ready to fly back to my foggy city and wear my cozy winter apparel. What else is winter good for now that global warming has killed the snow on the west coast?

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my happiness with you via some incredible Fail moments. For those of you who consider yourselves to be prudes, you should probably stop reading here.

...just 1 more day!

Wednesday, December 10


C was listening to this song that P fell in love with. P then played the song in our room and I fell in love with it, too. The song is called "Crush," by David Archuleta. Remember when he was a wee little tot on American Idol? Well, he hasn't grown much since then. Maybe that's a good thing because his voice is still as beautiful as ever.

After finishing the song on YouTube, "Crush," by Mandy Moore showed up as a related video, probably because the titles are the same. This one took P and me all the way back to memories of eighth grade.

I'm so happy now that my two hardest finals are over. I have my calculus final tomorrow morning, but math doesn't faze me anymore. After Chan, college calculus seems almost like a joke.

...2 more days until I go home!!

Monday, December 8


I'm currently taking a break from studying for finals. After yet another strenuous day of cluster review, I figured I deserve a break. To lighten the mood, I googled pictures of my current obsessions.

The first is, of course, Blair Waldorf, the picture of perfection. Love her or hate her, you can't deny that Queen B has style. No matter where she is or what she's doing, she always looks flawless. (Love her tights in that second picture!)

The second is my favorite vampire, the love of my life, Edward Cullen. A girl can dream, right?

C called me earlier to inform me that our friends from summer orientation have gotten together. Her source? Facebook. Not really relevant to anything, but it somehow seems important to me right now. Maybe it's only because I've been studying for so long that my mind is longing for some non-academic stimulation.

I got a package from Delizcious today! It made my day! :)

...4 more days until I go home!

Sunday, December 7

Chem overload

The floor's Secret Santa dinner was a success! We exchanged gifts over a yummy sushi dinner. Thanks, R, for the massive stash of chocolate! Mmmm, hearts hearts hearts! After dinner, we congregated to play Apples to Apples, one of my new favorite games.

Saturday was devoted to studying. I spent the entire day in our lounge with my textbook and course reader and re-learned a quarter's worth of Chem. I tried to go to be early, but P was typing her essay with the light on, so I let her type while I tossed and turned.

I took the Chemistry final this morning, and I guess it wasn't too bad. Most of us are just praying for a good curve. While I was taking the final, P got sexiled by our other roommate, R, and her jerk of a boyfriend. We took turns commenting on how unfriendly and gangster he looks. If he were attractive at all, we'd at least be more inclined to be nice to him. Sadly enough for him, that is not the case. That asshole.

Two more finals to go and 5 days until I go home!

Wednesday, December 3

Consumer Heaven

Between hours of writing my research paper, I took constructive break periods to shop online for Christmas presents! I finished most of my Christmas shopping before I finished by essay (of course), but not before making a few purchases for myself as well!

Hello Urban Outfitters

I finally bought this Silent and Noise Bowery Dress!

I also got a Sparkle and Fade lace slip dress.

BDG Denim Mini. I know it's winter, but I do live in LA...

Floral moccasin slippers! Lovelovelove <3

Triple buckle boots from Forever 21.

Today, I got my Secret Santa gift in Westwood, again, not without getting something for myself. I'm now in consumer heaven.

I'm almost done reading Breaking Dawn. It's so unbelievably good. Broken into three books, the novel first reads through Bella's point of view, switches to Jacob's, and goes back to Bella's. Seeing the world through the eyes of Jacob Black really turned me off. Not only does he lack the clumsy, disjointed thoughts that I enjoy reading through Bella, but he clearly does not admire Edward as the godly being he is. Oh, Edward. What will I do when my vampire lives happily ever after and I have nothing left to fantasize about?

...8 more days!

Tuesday, December 2


You've seen the bumper sticker on Facebook, right? The one displaying an open Microsoft Word document with the cursor at the very beginning of the empty, untouched document. The caption simply reads, "Shit."

...Shit indeed.

Monday, December 1

Le Rentrer

Le Rentrer means "the return." In France, this is when children return to school after a break of some sort and celebrate all the happiness that is education.

In my case, coming back to school was a mistake. I should have just stayed home and hid from my 7-8 page research paper, chem homework, and upcoming finals. If I stayed home, I wouldn't be miserably trying to pass the time away during my pathetic cluster lecture.

Last night, instead of working on said homework, I finished reading Eclipse and started reading Breaking Dawn.

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love.

How much do I want my own vampire? So much.

Anyways, it's dead week at UCLA and I'll be glad when it's over. This week, I have to finish the research paper, catch up on all of my chemistry homework, and prep for finals. Friday night, some friends and I are going out to dinner to celebrate our Secret Santa affair. Saturday is the USC game, not that I really have any desire to go. Maybe I'll give S my ticket so he won't have to steal it from L after all.

...11 days until I fly home!