Tuesday, November 3

I would just like to point out

that Victoria's Secret is amazing. Anytime I wake up feeling incredibly unattractive, slipping into lacy underthings is pretty much an insta-sexy boost. Behold, the Lacie collection:

Above: the wireless bralette, $18

Above: the Lacie with ruffles, $16 or 3/$30

Above: the Lacie, $16 or 3/$30

What a girl wants? Absolutely.


Samantha said...

Thanks! Dude, you and Shelby are totally both on underwear kicks right now. Which is making me want to buy lacy things.

(Encyclo)lydia said...

Those panties are amazing! No lines in spite of the lace! I love. And I'm also kinda obsessed with those bras that totally do nothing for one's chest but are just so pretty to have poking out from a tank top. I have one from American Apparel that I'm obsessed with.