Monday, June 28

wayfarers 1

wayfarers 2

My morning went something like this:

8:30 - alarm goes off
9:00 - disgruntled because I'm out of bed, and am now late because I overslept, as usual
9:15 - frantically getting dressed while using the useless USPS phone "service"
9:25 - rushing to post office #1 to get my package while calling hair salon for an appointment
9:30 - silently cursing after being redirected to post office #2 because that's where all the packages are
9:45 - watching the postal workers move slow as molasses, all the while thinking LATE FOR FIRST DAY OF LAB!!!
9:50 - graciously thanking the shuttle driver for not leaving me behind
9:58 - all sweaty because I speed walked to lab (because running just looks dumb), but worth it because I made it just in time
10:05 - where is everyone? I am informed that lab actually starts at 10:30, not 10

Happens to the best of us sometimes. What was in the package, you ask? My new Wayfarers and Costco/AmEx card. My sunglasses have polarized prescription (read: very expensive) lenses, mostly to be used for driving. And to feel badass when the sun is out. And they're fun to play with because it's kind of a mind-trip to be able to see farther/better with sunglasses. Also, Kaiser was kind enough to send along the original lenses so I can get those put in when my prescription changes (read: worsens).

Mia, my hair stylist complimented me on my sunglasses when I saw her. She also complimented me on my hair, telling me that she loves running her fingers through my soft, luscious hair. All creepiness aside, she's a really nice lady who has never failed me or my soft, luscious hair. Which means a lot because I'm probably the pickiest, hardest-to-please customer on this planet when it comes to my hair. Because getting only a few haircuts a year makes each one a fairly long-term commitment, considering I have to go to sleep with and wake up to the mess on my head every single day. Not that other people don't. Just saying.

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