Wednesday, July 28

Love and Lessons


This picture was taken with Lil J's new camera, which is as gorgeous as the pictures it takes. I like this picture because it shows off my new "love" ring and my new apartment-mate, K. She is special because she is the best cook ever and loves to cook for people. Which is oddly coincidental because I love being cooked for.

In other news, I learned a few important things this past week. Just thought I'd share some of it.

1. There is a running path in a park near my apartment. It's shaded by trees and it's wonderful.
2. Playing on swings after running may be the best feeling ever.
3. Rendezvous beef nachos, though good pre-sweat-session, are even better after a workout.
4. Gmail's canned response system is genius.
5. Trader Joe's sour cream spinach dip fixes everything.
6. My health would probably improve tenfold if Volcano Tea House's crack boba was more than a 5 minute drive from my apartment.
7. If there's a knock on the door in the morning, answer it no matter how early it may be. As in, don't assume the knocker will just think no one is home and go away. (Because it could be your building manager, who lets himself in to fix the sink and then finds you looking all confused and disheveled in your sleep boxers and morning hair.)

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stephy said...

still love the bracelet ;)