Thursday, December 23

photo adventures in SF



SF skating rink


hide and seek

gossip girl

neiman marcus ornaments

be stupid

san francisco sun


toy story clouds

umbrella by fountain

1. Alex's Nikon, 2. compensation lens, 3. Union Square ice rink, 4. tiny child, 5. hide and seek, 6. gossip girl, 7. Neiman Marcus ornaments, 8. being stupid, 9. brief SF sunshine, 10. snowflakes at Westfield (photo cred: Alex), 11. Toy Story clouds, 12. cutest kid ever

Went on my first legit photo adventure today! Legit because I finally have my own camera to play with. Alex and I ventured into downtown San Francisco with two cameras and one umbrella. Through waves of heavy drizzle, we shot at the ice skating rink, the Neiman Marcus tree, Westfield mall, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the waterfall outside the Metreon. But mostly I just took stalker photos of small children. It must be adorable child season because they are everywhere!

So I should be asleep right now. I've been trying to regulate/correct my sleep cycle, but it's really hard. Of course, blogging at 3 in the morning does not help the cause any.

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