Thursday, October 22


I've become quite the workaholic. Staying on top of my workload means studying all afternoon, saving a an hour or two for a workout and dinner, and having just enough free time at night to procrastinate. I figured that my productivity peaks around noon and goes downhill from there, so I study mostly during the day. Studying at night is about as useless as my physics professor a dull razor. I hope that dull razor comment sounds as good as I think it does because it took me and my roommates a good five minutes of brainstorming to come up with. Other things that my roommates and I do include painting our nails, singing together, and taking pictures with this panda:


Isn't she a cutie? Really, though. I love my roommates. I even like (most of) the people on my floor. Well, I like the ones I've met. This is my RA, Ying:


She's small and Asian and so adorable. My RAs are usually the reasons I don't sleep at night. We stay up late and have long gossipy talks about dating and relationships and why nice guys don't finish last.

In other news, the virus that infected my roommates a few weeks ago has worked its way into my system. I've been sick since the weekend, but not according to this awesome thermometer:

not sick?

This is a reusable thermometer that gives an accurate temperature reading after sixty seconds under the tongue. My temperature on Monday (my sickest day) was a perfect 98.6, so no fever here. I've been so close to getting un-sick for two days now. Today, I gave in and bought Sudafed to clear my congested nose. Hopefully, the virus will be gone by tomorrow.


Cory Soto said...

"as sharp as a dull razor"

fazed-girl said...

Mel. I have to tell you I find that panda picture terrifying.

yaiskor said...

That is amazing thermometer. If only all thermometers were that easy to read...