Wednesday, March 3

today was a fairytale, you were the prince

owl clock
owl clock necklace from Forever 21

Meet Mr. Owl Clock. I'm not exceptionally creative when it comes to naming things, so Mr. Owl Clock is exactly what his name implies. He's kind of a godsend for someone (like me) who doesn't wear watches and also kind of the most practical thing in my accessory box. And miraculously, he matches everything in my closet!

So I was talking to my roommate today and she thinks watching too many movies has skewed her perception of love/romance/relationships. Apparently, she was scolded last night for obsessing over some boy too much and thinking that a) she could change him, or b) he would change for her. She was told that unlike chick flicks, life doesn't always hold a happy ending. But why not? Hollywood makes big bucks to make us believe in happily ever after. How great life would be if you could meet the perfect man, fall in love, do something horrible to screw it all up, then kiss and make up and live happily ever after in under two hours.

I'll admit, I used to be a critic, a pessimist, whatever you want to call it. But I'm slowly coming to believe that true love and happily ever afters do exist. Maybe I've been listening to too much Taylor Swift, or maybe, like my roommate, I've been watching too many sappy chick flicks. But I think it's better this way. I'm much happier believing that love does exist and that fairytales do come true. I'm still aglow from watching Valentine's Day with my roommates earlier, and even though we had to trudge back in the rain, my heart is still smiling. Love is out there.

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