Monday, August 2


grandma's garden



slepy honey


1) light coming into my grandma's garden. 2) grandma's chilies. 3) grandpa fixes everything. 4) sleepy Honey. 5) meet fishy

H went home for the weekend, so I babysat her pretty DSLR. I took it to my grandparents' house and took lots of pretty pictures. I really enjoyed my day of family, relaxing, and Chinese food after a stressful week of finals, long hours in lab, and not much sleep. I came home with a new friend, a betta fish that my vampire boyfriend named Casper, like the friendly ghost. But I know my apartment-mates are still going to call him Timmy because they have bettas named Cosmo and Wanda. Still, I end up calling him Fishy all the time because that's the first name that comes to mind. Original, I know. I name like a 5-year-old.

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