Friday, June 12

Hello, summer!

Wearing: Forever 21 WWF Panda tee, Lucky Brand gray jeans

I moved [my two suitcases, full-length mirror, refrigerator, and six boxes of stuff] out of the UCLA dorms yesterday with help from my dad and brother. Goodbye forever, Dykstra Hall! We drove to my grandparents' house to drop my stuff off as they're kindly letting me use their garage as a public storage for the summer. I then went out to dinner with my rather large Chinese family at an authentic Chinese restaurant. After dinner, my grandparents cut up fresh strawberries, mangoes, and golden kiwis for us. They spoil me.

I spent the night at my uncle's house (in the guest room with the memory foam mattress topped with down pillows and a down comforter). Last night, I played Wii with my cousins, downloaded music, and watched The Parent Trap with Honey, my cousin's dog and the love of my life. The first three pictures above were taken when Honey was 9 weeks old. The last one was taken last night. She hasn't really grown in size, but her hair got longer.

Today, my dad and I split the 7 hour drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. When I wasn't driving, I was either sleeping or playing Bubble Breaker on my phone. Thank goodness for that game. When I got home, I stepped onto our brand new digital scale. My total weight gain over the course of three quarters at UCLA? 1.2 pounds. Freshman 15? Myth indeed.


Anonymous said...

congrats on a successful freshman year. now that summer's here, let's hang out =D

T.J. said...

we're done :) and guess what, i found out there's a crossroads in san jose!

T.J. said...

Melinda! What is your e-mail? Now that I have no fb, I need a way to keep in touch.

(Encyclo)lydia said...

And all that fruit sounds delicious. Are you living off-campus next year?

hilaryous said...

1"goodbye dykstra forever" TAKE THAT BACK! youre gonna be visiting me all the time! :)

2i had chinesey food my first day back too! delicioso

3i kinda forgot

4yay bubble breaker!

Zarna said...



The Queen of Hearts said...

These pictures remind me of my dog and I right now. He's sleeping on my bed (and snoring LOUDLY).