Sunday, June 21

The Wedding Singer

Wearing: BCBG silk dress, Lela Rose for Payless heels, Forever 21 bow clutch

I love this dress. Besides being silky, stretchy, and comfy, it hugs all the right places. Tonight, my family drove out to Woodside to attend my cousin's wedding. The wedding was unconventionally beautiful, and the bride and groom were flawless. Being the absent-minded idiot that I am during the summer, I forgot my camera at home, so these pictures were taken in my room after I got home. That still doesn't explain why the first two pictures are yellower than the others.

Summer has been pretty wonderful so far. My life at home consists of three things: food, sleep, and work. Relaxation and a paycheck - what more could I ask for? The only downside is that my work schedule (4-8 hours a day, six days a week) has pretty much murdered and buried my social life. The only people I see consistently are my parents, my brother, and the pool staff. I really want to (and need to) get out and see my friends despite being exhausted from work. Our new Wii can only keep me company for so long.

I just finished the week of in-service hell training at work. The pool staff spent the past week reviewing CPR/AED, first aid, rescues, and other miscellaneous procedures. We also swam 500m daily. We finished off the week with a fattening potluck and a scavenger hunt that that ended in the deep end of the pool. Tomorrow is the first day of swim lessons and I'm excited to meet the little kiddies. Oh, and I found out that the the lifeguarding staff is to swim a paid 500m weekly. I'm essentially getting paid to exercise. I love my job.

p.s. I miss my photographer/best friend/roommate!
p.p.s. Happy Father's Day. I love you, Daddy!


Posh said...

You look beautiful, nice dress! =)

angie said...

omgomgomg you look GORGEOUS
love the dress XP

T.J. said...

I hope you're not too busy, I was missing your blogs!