Thursday, February 11

Parisian Love

I'm currently applying for research positions. I'm staying in LA over the summer, so I'd like to do some research in addition to taking classes. I know I still have time to find a position, but I feel pretty desperate when emailing out cover letters/resumes asking for a volunteer position. Why is volunteering a selective process? Isn't helping out for free welcome everywhere?

Anyways, I actually got up and went to yoga this morning. Haven't been in a while, so now I'm sore all over. (Ouch.) I have yet to find the motivation to change out of my yoga attire, so I'll probably be schlepping around in yoga pants and a loose tank (topped off with a cozy granny sweater) for the rest of the day.

And finally, I leave you with Parisian Love for the Valentine's Day weekend. It won't cost but a few tears and 52 seconds of your life. Watch it:

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Coricakes said...

I absolutely love that google ad. It's cute :)
I saw a spoof recently where instead of making it "how to assemble a crib" they changed it to "divorce attorneys"
It was pretty funny, you should check it out.