Friday, February 5


birthday 1

birthday 2


red velvet!
wearing: ALL Forever 21 stuff (um, oops) and Faryl Robin heels

This is what I wore for my (twentieth. WHAT?!!) birthday celebration last night. I know, Forever 21 is taking over the world my closet, but with the turnaround rate of my clothes climbing ever higher, it's good to find fun/cheap/replaceable clothing.

I had planned to have dinner with friends in Westwood, but couldn't make reservations anywhere because the party was too big, so we ended up getting stuff from the Kogi truck instead! So. Good. We had our to-go dinner/jello/cake in the dorms, then went clubbing in Hollywood. Our party bus took forever to leave, getting in was a complete nightmare, and the dance floor was way too crowded, but it was an amazing night.

I woke up this morning after getting slightly under three hours of sleep and went apartment hunting with my roommates for next year. I'm so excited to have my own room next year, and so excited to help decorate the apartment! After apartments, we drove to Sawtelle for boba/pho/poking around in random Asian import stores.

My friends are the best. :)

p.s. I'm still learning how to use the camera on my new phone (I learned how to focus yesterday!), but I'll work on the awkward lighting. Or better yet, I'll try to take more pictures with my camera.

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Anonymous said...

Wish i could have been there. I love you.