Saturday, July 11


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Wearing: Steve Madden sunglasses, American Apparel unisex zip hoody

I love buying sunglasses. I love eying the perfect pair of sunglasses from afar and venturing closer to try them on for the first time. I love going through the store's entire inventory and trying on every single pair of those sunglasses (because they all fit differently though they're all the same model/make) only to discover that the first pair I picked up fit me perfectly all along. Ever had that experience?

I've decided that I need to see my friends more. I hung out with S today for the first time in a looooong while. We shopped around, ate, and dropped by the Pink Cherry Spa in San Bruno for some much-needed body maintenance. Ennee was so sweet and she really knows what she's doing. The trip wasn't exactly cheap, but I'm not opposed to spending money on seemingly fruitless things like spa trips. Like I told S, I show more skin on a daily basis at the pool than a porn star. I think I meant that I show skin longer (or something). Whatever, you get the picture.

I've been really lazy with blogging lately because I've been really lazy with dressing myself lately. I wear my uniform (red swimsuit, lifeguard tee, black yoga pants or red shorts depending on the weather) more than anything else, and it's not really something that needs to be blogged about more than it already has. Anyways, I've been trying to dissociate the two things (blogging and dressing myself) along with trying to find inspiration in things that I don't normally do. In an attempt to do so, I made this wrap bracelet a couple of weeks ago.

Bracelet: 100% silk lilac cord, cheap gold [colored] metal chain, leaf charms - knotted all at one end and braided


sis said...

omggggg so prettttyyyy
makee meeeee oneeee :)

jo said...

i like the color!

stina said...

I like!!