Sunday, July 19

Sectumsempra - for enemies

downtown 1

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Wearing: Target Mossimo cardigan, Free People silk tank, H&M leggings and bag, Steve Madden boots

Believe it or not, today was my first day shopping in downtown San Francisco since I've been back from LA. P and I had Thai for lunch and shopped around before watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I must say, with just the right amount of chuckle, seriousness, and romance, this is the best Harry Potter movie made thus far. Kudos.

DSW is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores. P quite literally had to detach me from the window display of Steve Madden pumps and booties to bring me inside. Even if I have no real reason to be shoe shopping, I still love walking down the aisles and perusing pumps that I'll probably never wear. Urban Outfitters, however, was such a tease today. P and I were so excited when we saw the SALE ON SALE signs in the display. After trying on a bazillion pieces, I bought nothing, and P, who tried on nothing, ended up with a skirt.

I'm working every single day next week, but I'm really excited because I'm not teaching swim lessons! I'll be lifeguarding and watching my coworkers teach from the guards stand. Life is good.

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Floob said...

"Her skin is so smooth!" - Such a random line that everyone in the theater cracked up.