Monday, July 13

Sunny Monday

Fillmore 1

Fillmore 2

Fillmore 3
Wearing: Forever 21 oversize tank, H&M leggings and ruffle purse, Minnetonka fringed boots, miscellaneous jewelry from Urban Outfitters

I shopped online last night. I spent 2 hours and $80 at and I'm happy to report that I got some good deals. Still, I really need to find a more constructive outlet for my boredom.

This morning, I woke up to typical foggy-and-cold San Bruno weather. I put on leggings and a sweater and headed to San Francisco to meet up with friends only to find it ridiculously sunny in the sunset district. I had lunch at Hibachi with H and M on Irving, then headed over to Fillmore to visit P, who was working, and the Marc Jacobs specialty store there. We saw lots of cute things, like this sad puppy

sad puppy

and this Paris Je t'aime charm necklace
Marc Jacobs Paris
that I bought at the marc by Marc Jacobs store. A good day indeed!

The only downside to waking up "early" on a Monday is that I can't get my sh*t together in time to get out of the house when I need to. I forgot to bring extra shoes with me, but thankfully, I had an extra pair of flip flops in my work locker so I didn't have to lifeguard in fringed booties. I showed up to work almost an hour early, which was lucky because the pool was at maximum capacity and extra help never hurts. I guess the unexpected sunny weather drove lots of little swimmers to the Brisbane Pool.

p.s. That is my car in the pictures above. Just for the record, I don't stand in the street and take pictures with random cars.


Cory Soto said...

okay, i have a question:


do you walk around with your own personal cameraman?

(Encyclo)lydia said...

I love your purse painfully so. And all little strappy satchel ones for that matter. But particularly this one. And how was I not in San Francisco the one sunny week this summer? Gah.

stina said...

What a cute necklace!!