Monday, September 21

back to school



Wearing: American Eagle colorful flannel, American Apparel deep V tee, brandless shorts, Steve Madden boots, Wet Seal floral sunglasses, H&M ruffle purse

On one of my final days of summer, I met these girlies for some Thai food and a biking adventure through Golden Gate Park. We rode past a waterfall, the Academy of Sciences, the deYoung Museum, and had lots of fun holding up traffic in the park.

That night, I got all dressed up and my Vampire Boyfriend took me out to dinner. He brought me flowers and this stuffed cutie (his name is Sniffle) to keep me company at school.


The drive down to LA took over nine hours, and move in took four. It's currently 86 degrees and I'm missing the fog already. On the bright side, I'm loving Sproul Hall! Everything is so crisp and new. The showers are amazing and our room is spacious and decorated all pretty-ly. I've taken pictures and will post them soon. P and I have decided that we'll take more pictures this year. Hopefully, we stick to that. Well, I'm off to the pool to attempt to bring my body temperature down a few degrees. Pictures? I'm thinking yes!

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