Saturday, September 5

you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess

eggettes 2

eggettes 1


Rhea and Hubes
Wearing: Gap cozy sweater, Old Navy stirrup leggings (ohmygod I love these things), Forever 21 boots, new favorite scarf (that was a gift)

I took pictures! Shocking, I know. Tonight, I saw R and Daddy H for the first time this summer. R, who went from veggies-only to total-carnivore status practically overnight, introduced me to La Corneta. We got super burritos with steak and followed it up with a trip to Eggettes next door. These two chums are completely ridiculous together. It's a good thing our thought processes are similar because they can't seem to stay on one topic for more than thrity seconds. Gotta love them! Check out this little Gossip Girl that sat at the table next to ours. Can't you just see her growing up to be Serena van der Wooden?

little gossip girl

Can you believe this summer is coming to an end? In two weeks' time, I'll be leaving my beloved foggy city behind and moving back to smoggy sunny LA. I can't even begin to express how NOT ready I am to start school again. I could cry.

Things that remind me of summer:
- chlorine in my hair
- disgusting tan lines (which have, yet again, taken over my body)
- clear starry nights
- not working on Sundays
- Taylor Swift's Love Story
- Orbit's spearmint gum
- dirt cups
- my panda shirt
- late night trips to Twin Peaks
- Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
- Lovejoy's Tea Room

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jo said...

i had plans to make that dress too! but no longer. now its all about skirts. whered you get your stirup leggings?