Thursday, September 24

LA in pictures

beverly center 1

beverly center 2

beverly center 3
Wearing: Kimchi & Blue dress, Aldo flats, Betsey Johnson sunglasses

I paid a visit to the Beverly Center with P today. The place is eight stories high, but only the top three levels are for shopping. The bottom five levels make up the parking garage. What a colossal waste of space. P and I spent most of our time in stores where we could afford to buy things - namely Forever 21, For Love 21, and Heritage. I came back with oodles of flowy, flowery goodness. Mmmm, retail therapy is the best.

I've finally uploaded pictures for the first-few-days-in-LA update, so here it is:

These are my cutie roommates, D and P.

diddy riese
I'm really bad at keeping track of days, but a few nights ago, my roommates and I had our first adventure to the Yogurtland in Westwood. Our jaws dropped when we saw the line for Diddy Riese curl around the block. I've never seen it that long!

We made it to Yogurtland! Mine is the bland-looking one at the bottom, but I swear it was tasty because it was covered in mochi.

We've been spending the past few days settling into our new room. A lot of time has gone into decorating. This is the space above my desk. Of course Audrey is in the middle of everything.

picture heart
I put my family and friends into a heart near my bed. I love that the walls of Sproul Hall are made of bulletin board material so pictures can go up anywhere.

This whiteboard lives by my desk. I make lists obsessively.

D drew this on the whiteboard outside our room. We're the AAA (pronounced "ahhh") room because our names all end with A.

lavender before
This is my baby lavender plant. I haven't named her yet. Bonnie the bonsai didn't make it through the summer, so I found a replacement.

lavender after
I planted her two days ago. It's so hot in my room that I need to water her twice a day. I haven't seen any growth yet, but hopefully I'll see some sprouting soon. Fingers crossed!


angie said...

heyyy i have a picture EXACTLY liek that last one!

and OMG THERES A YOGURTLAND IN WESTWOOD?! my life is complete <3<3

Yellow said...

hello you. you are adorable. i canNOT believe that we did not see each other this summer! BAH

zm said...

hi thr~~
juz bloghopping =)
have a nice day~