Thursday, January 8

English class characters

I really like going to my English Comp 3 class not because I enjoy English - D, my blagh roommate is an English major, so all things English are beginning to disgust me - but because my class just so interesting. Everyone in the class has a distinct, unique personality and that in itself keeps me entertained for the whole hour (and fifteen minutes) that is English Comp 3.

There are, as in every class, the know-it-alls. In my class, they come in the form of two girls who knew each other before the start of class. One of them, Shay, has wildy curly red hair that she attempts to tame with a monster clip. She wears a too-tight top with her too-tight jeans tucked into pseudo-UGGs. Her friend, Dee, dyed her hair jet black and straightens it every morning. She has a strange attachment to semi-sheer black wife beater tanks. The two of them have an opinion about everything that is discussed in class and feel no need to hold any of it in. Of course, their "expert" opinions would be much more credible if they didn't speak as if they were straight outta Compton.

There are the athletes who sit in the back of the room and chat amongst themselves during class. They all sport UCLA athletic apparel and athlete backpacks with the names of their various sports embroidered on them. I highly doubt most of them would have gotten into college, let alone UCLA, if they couldn't chase a ball down a court as well as they could.

Then there is the shy boy who sits next to me. He hasn't spoken more than three words since the beginning of class on Tuesday. His words were, "here (at roll call at the beginning of each class), and Dave (to introduce himself to me)."

The boy on my other side is an interesting character I haven't figured out yet. He wears an all-black suit-and-tie ensemble every day (likely for rush) and even pronounces his name, Gabe, with a thick ghetto accent.

The most interesting character of all is my teacher, Ms. Dvorak herself. She rocks straight-across bangs with a short, blonde, curly bob and old-fashioned Ray Bans (think Malcolm X). On the first day of class, she wore a tweed blazer over a flowy pink embroidered skirt and very-high-heeled mary janes. Today, she wore all black - a turtleneck sweater under a faux fur capulet and flared pants. She's just so stylish! I'd to be a well-dressed old lady like her one day.

...Well, it looks like I have a lot more people-watching to do. More to come!


Lydia said...

You are very aware of your surroundings! I like. I am so jealous you got to UCLA! Dream school right there...well second to USC. Haha.
Thank you for the sweet comment too awhile back. It made me feel better.
And I adore Nat on the uke!
I gave you an award as well, do check that out in my latest entry!

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