Tuesday, January 20


I didn't watch the inauguration this morning. I woke up late, then had class. In my defense, we slept with the light on last night because P didn't want any leftover cockroaches crawling out, so I woke up at hourly intervals to glaring lights. (Over the weekend, P and I bought and used 2 bottles of Raid, 12 cockroach traps, and a bottle of Lysol. I Lysol-ed all of D's belongings since she doesn't seem to know what washing is.)

I was reminded of the fact that I didn't watch the inauguration every time I passed someone wearing an OBAMA shirt, which was pretty often today. I'm hoping to catch it on rerun later. My ever-stylish English teacher, Ms. Dvorak, said it's worth watching. Today, she wore all black again (despite the 80 degree weather) - turtleneck mini-dress, old-school blazer with an official looking patch, and four inch knee-high lace-up boots.

I'm beginning to develop a distaste for all things English (with my English teacher herself being the sole exception) for the following reasons: D is an English major, as is Judgemental Judy, H's roommate. My English class is full of bratty girls and apparently retarded athletes, and I'm not even learning anything. My writing consists of journal entries, BS-ed essays, and other busywork. Oh, heavy sigh.

For the Inaugural Ball, First Lady Michelle Obama wore this flowy, one-shouldered gown designed by 27-year-old Jason Wu. Thoughts?

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