Monday, January 5

Fresh Start

I'm back in LA! I've missed the sunshine, and the twenty-five cent public transportation. A note to anyone flying between SFO and LAX: avoid Southwest airlines at all cost. My plane was delayed, which may or may not have been the airline's fault, and not cleaned between flights. Even overlooking the dirty old leather seats, P and I found remnants of the peanuts and pretzels snack served on the flight before ours. When we arrived at LAX, it took an hour for our luggage to make its way to the baggage claim. Take my advice - fly Virgin.

Classes have started again. I'm finding myself back in that familiar all-work-no-play mode from high school. I'm crushed that I have to suffer it again, but glad I haven't forgotten it altogether. After all, a new quarter means a fresh start. Acing four classes over the course of eleven weeks may just require that kind of sacrifice.

On the bright side, my productivity curve was greater than exponential today. I crawled out from under my comforter on time, which doesn't happen often. I got to my first class (math) early, which was unnecessary because H had saved me a seat. Good thing calculus is still easy for me because my professor doesn't speak loud enough for the whole room to hear, and when she does, she speaks with a thick Ukrainian accent that I can't for the life of me decipher.

After math, I met up with P and C for a trip to Westwood for a textbook, a course reader, food, and other necessities. We hit the textbook store, Course Reader Material, Aahhh's, Urban Outfitters (to get a job application!), Rite Aid, CVS, and Ralph's - all in about an hour. Just think, I could have done all this while waiting for Southwest Airlines to retrieve my luggage...

I had enough time before lunch to fill out my job application. At lunch, H introduced me to her floormate, who is in my chem class. Good thing she did, because he kept me awake through our chem professor's monotonous lecture on thermochemistry.

So that's my first day. I'm on my way out - headed to a club meeting. I have dinner plans with some girls from Lowell. Afterwards, we're watching the return of GOSSIP GIRL! Also on tonight: Secret Life of the American Teenager and The City, but I'm spending the rest of the night studying chem. That is, unless my self-discipline fails me...

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