Thursday, January 15

Happy Birthday, Jo!

LIL J dressed up as Blair for her birthday. Though her entire outfit was undeniably cute and stylish, I fell in love her lace tights. Talk about gorgeous!

But onto something that I can't seem to stop thinking about...

It is currently 3:02 AM and I am sitting in my lounge. I cannot enter my room because 1) I have yet to finish an essay due tomorrow, and 2) D, the roommate from hell, has committed the most unforgivable of crimes. She has brought cockroaches into our room. Her dirty habits are apparently favorable for the nasty critters that have made a home in her months-old laundry stash.

What makes me want to kill her most is not her obscene lack of basic hygiene, but that she finds it hilarious that P and I have never seen cockroaches before and are now scared shitless every time we enter the room. Excusez-moi?

Over dinner, C made a comment that was something to the extent of, "Mel, I've never known you to back down from anything you care about." The truth in her words are almost overwhelming, I can't even explain why I haven't confronted D already. I have to stop caring about creating too much awkwardness in the room, grow a pair, and take control.

Tomorrow, as silly as it sounds, P and I will talk to her about hygiene. We will encourage (more like demand) her to shower daily and do laundry at least every three weeks. We will be honest and as un-bitchy as we possibly can, but with the anger boiling inside the two of us, this "friendly" exchange is likely to turn into a screaming fight.

Oh, and P is currently sleeping in S and A.Lo's dorm. I think I might just spend the night in the lounge...

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noncommittal said...

what a ball-buster! (sorry, lupe.)