Monday, November 24

Bite me.

I finished reading Twilight last night. I endured quite a few scowls for getting caught reading it in the lounge, but it was worth it. The scowlers clearly have not read it themselves. Not only does Stephanie Meyer write a gripping (though somewhat typical) plot, she creates perhaps the sexiest protagonist I have ever encountered in all my years of reading. I've decided that I'll only be dating vampires from now on. I'm sorry, human boys. You just can't argue with perfection.

Now P is reading the book. I need to go buy the second book, New Moon, before I go crazy and read the entire thing in pdf format online.

I haven't read a book for fun since the last of the Harry Potter series. Indeed, it has been that long. Twilight made me realize how much I missed reading, so I'll hopefully be doing more of that now. Thanks, Ms. Meyer.

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