Saturday, November 8

It was a great night.

This one is for you, Yellow, because you told me you live vicariously through reading my blog. I miss you so much, and I wish you could have been with me last night. We would have partied Paris-style.

It should be noted that I didn't even plan on going out last night because the week had tired me out so much, but a series of three events changed my mind:
1) I ran into D, who we call H because his last name is more fun than his first, and decided I needed to get my weekly fix of the weirdest conversations I can only have with him.
2) I called C, and she sounded really excited about this party because she actually knew people there.
3) I helped TJ get all dressed up for her first clubbing experience and her excitement seemed to rub off on me.

TJ helped me pick out an appropriate party outfit before she left - silk top, dark denim, fringed boots. I decided it's a good look for me. I even pulled my hair into a high pony and put on long, dangle-y earrings.

All dressed up, I left with P and her friends to meet up with H (and his roommate, A) as they were taking us to said party. When we got there, things didn't seem too excited, but we drank, danced, and danced some more. Things quickly heated up when P's friends kept encouraging S and AS to chug random mixes of juice, vodka, rum, and soda.

S is a cute drunk. He likes to dance, bend over, and drink more. He also doesn't comprehend anything unless it's explained to him very clearly. Towards the end of his drunkenness, he gets tired and likes to curl up and sleep anywhere he can.

A is a crazy drunk. He does anything from spinning his hat around on his head to grinding his friends who aren't dancing. Unlike S, he seems to be aware of his whereabouts and tries to run away from those carrying him home.

AS is a touchy drunk. He thinks everyone is crazy attractive, and that S is his best friend forever. He brings up his ex-girlfriend, and pretty much every other love interest he's ever had. He finished by telling all the girls how sexy they are.

Just when S, A, and AS, [SO STRANGE how their initials do that...] got so drunk they couldn't stand on their own, the police showed up and the party started clearing out. The police promised they didn't want any trouble, and just wanted us to keep the noise level down. They didn't even mention anything about the obvious underage drinking taking place.

When the police leave and the party starts up again, H approaches me and goes, "Do you know what C said to me when she left? She said, 'Take care of Melinda.' Seriously? Like you're the one I should be worried about!" The moment he said this, his roommate, A, falls over onto him, nearly taking me down with him. We decided it was time to go.

Dragging the drunktards back to their dorms must have been the best part of the night. I had A draped on me because he refused to walk with H. S's roommate ended up picking him up and carrying him because he kept trying to sit and sleep in random places. The rest of the group took turns pushing AS along. We managed to get all three of them down the stairs of the apartment, back up frat row, up the wooden stairs to campus, and into their respective dorms shortly after 2...maybe 2:30am.

Just when I thought I could relax, I got a call from J, who was hanging out with D. They are both drunk out of their minds and hungry. It took some time to convince them not to turn on the stove, or drive out and get food. In the end, they decided they weren't hungry, and told me that they were interested in women most of them time. They only liked men on Wednesdays.

My phone kept vibrating throughout the night (I don't know how to turn it off...) because J and D spent the rest of the early morning drunk texting me until they fell asleep. Needless to say, I took it easy today. I woke up at noon and found TJ. We studied, painted our nails, and watched Gossip Girl.

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yellow said...

"They only liked men on Wednesdays."

.. tee hee hee