Wednesday, November 26

New Moon

Yesterday, I went to Santa Monica via Big Blue Bus. I did some shopping, and came home with two chunky sweaters, boxers, a silk dress, and New Moon. Due to horrendous traffic, the bus ride back to UCLA took almost two hours, so I had ample time to curl up and read. The first half of the book was terrifying. It made me anxious and frustrated - I felt like a part of me was actually missing as I was reading it. I really have to stop getting attached to fictional characters like this. It can't be healthy.

I stayed up pretty late last night. P and I had an unwelcome visitor in our room. He came over from De Neve because he had been sexiled. He wasn't really unwelcome at first because we felt bad for him, but he overstayed his welcome. Once he left, P and I jumped into bed, reading our respective books. She read Twilight, and I read New Moon.

It's raining today! I would be even more excited if I didn't have to travel today, but I'm welcoming the rain nonetheless. I'm looking forward to another hour or so of reading on my flight home.


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