Wednesday, November 12

I love weekends!

I'd like to start off this post with a little funny, taken from one of my favorite go-to's for funnies, Failblog.

Last weekend, I went to the farmers' market! It is nothing like the farmers' market back home. The farmers' market here in Westwood consists of a total of seven booths - one for flowers, one for hummus and pita, one for dried fruits and nuts, two for fruits, and two for jewelry. Though I was disappointed with it's size, I still found everything I needed - grapes, nuts, persimmons, earrings, and a ring.

I took the bus to Santa Monica again, this time with TJ and some others from our floor. After spending an eternity at Crossroads, we emerged with what I consider minimal purchases - a vneck tee for TJ, and a cashmere sweater and quilted [probably fake] Chanel bag for me. Tired of shopping, we promenaded down Third Street in search of street performers. We did find a very talented and entertaining dance group called "One Love Crew." They told us to find them on Youtube, but as hard as I looked, I couldn't find a single one of their videos. Ah well, if you're ever in Santa Monica, be sure to check them out.

That night, I engaged in a game of Mafia with my floor, followed by a game of Taboo. P, the losing tam captain, sportingly agreed to have his nails painted. Past midnight and not yet tired, we learned a lot about each other over games of "I never..." and "Would you rather..."

"Things we learned about R tonight: he walks around his house naked, cuts his pubes, has never masturbated before, but watches porn." - N

Good luck to me on my math midterm today!

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