Tuesday, November 4

Cheers to the next four years!

For a change, I let my shirt speak for me and found myself feeling more self-conscious than I thought I would. Walking to Westwood, I felt that people saw my chest before they saw my face. I guess what's one way to get a message across...

shirt (says "vote, declare yourself."): American Eagle
jeans: Joe's
sneakers: Asics

I took the bus again today. I was really excited to find an Out of the Closet on my way to the arts and crafts store. On my way back, I stopped by Buffalo Exchange, Whole Foods, and Rite Aid. By the time I got back to the dorm, I was carrying yards of string, a variety of charms and beads, organic grapes, vitamin water, body wash, a collared shirt, a belt, and a silk top. It was a productive shopping trip.

I turned in my Vote-by-Mail ballot today. I don't think it really mattered because Obama won the election before the polls even closed here in California. Wait, who cares? OBAMA WON!! I guess I don't have to relocate to Canada after all.

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