Monday, May 11


Wearing: H&M denim jacket, vintage floral romper, Rocketdog boots

I think I'm in love with these boots as they add a tough edge to an otherwise girly dress. And they're soooo comfortable to walk around in. (S and D sent them all the way from San Fran as a late birthday gift to me. Thanks, guys!) The floral number is my latest buy from Ebay. It won me over at once with its cheery Spring print and lace-up back. The only annoying detail I didn't anticipate is the fact that I have to take the whole thing off to use the restroom. Because it's not actually a skirt, I can't just lift up... TMI, I know. I'll stop.

I have exciting news - my bonsai, which A.Lo has affectionately named Bonnie, is growing!! A week ago, it was a tiny green stem that looked like this:

Now, the stem has grown out and it looks like this:

It appears that, contrary to popular belief, the LA dorms can sustain life!

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jo said...

i like your thrifted floral stuff. and your plant is so.. walle! in a good way