Thursday, May 21

Retail therapy is the best.

Wearing: vintage lace blouse and studded denim shorts from Thank You Mart, Gap beater, Steve Madden boots, marc by Marc Jacobs key necklace, vintage heart locket

I've been in midterms-week-lockdown/ hermit-mode lately. I get up, go to class, do my homework, study at the library, and sleep for about 5 hours. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's so miserable. What I don't understand is how the Calvin cycle makes sugars why professors insist on making one or two tests count for our entire grades when our understanding of the subject is so much more than multiple choice questions and free response diagrams.

Taking a cue from Fazed-Girl, I did this:

The only difference is that this Scotch-tape-and-post-it method worked for her and was only effective for me for about three hours. Case in point: I spent about a hundred dollars shopping on last night. (Check out Forever's new contemporary line, Love21!) See what stress does to me?

I may be sleep deprived and the high levels of cortisol from midterm-induced stress may be suppressing my immune system, but Bonnie seems to be doing fine.

More splitting! :)

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angie said...

LOL i cant believe you taped your laptop shut LOL
i might try that sometime =X

wow. i wish retail therapy works for me too
well it does. I just don't have the means of sustaining it to the extent that i'd need it. LOL