Friday, May 1


Begin the madness of outfit posting! P, my Be Fri/best friend/best roommate ever/the list goes on, has graciously accepted the tedious job of taking outfit pictures for me. (Thanks, P!)^(infinity) I'm not sure how I feel about that last statement. It's either chuckle-inducing or vomit-inducing. You decide.

These pictures were taken pretty late last night, so please excuse the poor lighting and crap location. I can't help the fact that the dorm I live in is falling apart...

(Also, please excuse the unmade bed above my head.)

Wearing: American Eagle shirtdress, Forever 21 braided belt, Target Xhiliration tights, Steve Madden boots

Above, close-up of the Steve Madden Gimbal boots that I have finally broken in. I'll admit that I get a bit self-conscious walking around campus in heels (however inconspicuous they are), but boy do I looove the rhythmic clack-clack-clack sound of a solid heel hitting the ground.

Today, I went out to the sunny De Neve Plaza for pictures. Doesn't location make such a big difference?

Wearing: Target Mossimo cardigan, American Apparel deep V tee, thrifted floral skirt, Minnetonka triple-layer fringe boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs "I love you" spinner necklace

Side note: I've given up on the whole I'm-not-posting-my-face-on-my-blog plan. Cropping and re-cropping photos is just too much work, so enjoy my face.

I got extremely lucky and didn't have class today! (Calendar check - it's Thursday!) I didn't go to math discussion this morning because midterms weren't graded yet, and my Life Science 2 class got cancelled because my professor is out of town. Thus, I treated myself to a glorious morning in bed, reading Paris Hangover (yes, still) in between waves of sleep. When I finally dragged my lazy self out of bed, I grabbed lunch with friends before heading to Westwood. What else is there to do in Westwood besides shop? I hit up Urban Outfitters, Buffalo Exchange, and Thank You Mart, this adorable vintage shop that sells all of its items for $3.99! Three hours and a mere $35 later, I returned with an organic cotton American Apparel tee, a black velvet minidress from UO, a lace collared shirt, studded denim cutoff shorts, and a sheer rose-print scarf. When P got out of class, we went swimming at Sunset Rec. We actually did laps this time - not many, but it's the effort that counts.

I really should be asleep now, or at least reading up on the lab I'm expected to master. Tomorrow, I have to throw myself back into academic hell for 6 nonstop hours of lectures and lab. Welcome to my life as a South Campus major.


T.J. said...

Amaaaazingg day. Can't wait to thrift in sf :)

(Encyclo)lydia said...

Gaaaah I'm so jealous that you're right by such a good shopping area at UCLA.
And wahoo we're boots twins! I have the black fringe ones on in my most recent post. If I'm remembering correctly, we had a few other twin pieces, right? Maybe I'm losing it, actually. Either way, you're working them quite excellently. I have a lot of trouble wearing them without making my legs look shorter.
And yay for your preppy roommate! I hope I end up living with someone well-dressed like her or yourself. Then we can have morning outfit consultations and whatnot haha.