Thursday, May 14

"Hey, I really like your glad's."

Wearing: thrifted (self-hemmed) dress, Wet Seal braided belt, Urban Outfitters Ecoté gladiators, vintage leaf earrings purchased on Ebay

I swear my feet aren't as washed-out white as that picture suggests. Really, considering how quickly I tan, I'm rather evenly-toned at the moment. I blame the poor lighting in my dorm room. Speaking of my room, allow me to introduce you to la catastrophe that was my desk yesterday:

Notice the piles of notebooks and folders, tangled chords, unfinished magazines, and the obvious mouse displacement (I'm right-handed). Is it not the very definition of en désordre? Bonnie the bonsai seems pretty cozy on that shelf thing, though.

I'm so jealous that most people are getting out of school and beginning to enjoy the spoils of summer when I'm still crawling through my second round of midterms. However, my classes have lately been focused on just one subject:

At least it keeps me interested.


Anonymous said...

Your new photos reminded me of home.

I have those goggles, too! As I'm sure everyone else does too.

steph L said...

i see the picture we took at chunke cheese's long agoooo
but its behind your im not sure if its really us?
but im guessing u would at least have a picture of me somewhere thats visible right?