Tuesday, May 26

Rodeo Drive

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue mohair cardigan and Boy Meets Girl tee, Forever 21 leggings, Rocketdog boots

Today, I went to Rodeo Drive with some besties and ogled the glamorous lives of the rich and (almost) famous. These pictures were taken at Prada, you know, just another luxury we normal people have to live without. The stores on Rodeo are not just stores; they're magnificent showrooms that can make any cheap item look like its made of gold, and that's just fine because the people shopping there can afford it all. Just off Rodeo is Santa Monica Boulevard, where we found the delightful little cupcake shop, Sprinkles. P and I split red velvet and key lime cupcakes. They were so delicious - the perfect combination of moist cake and fluffy frosting to tantalize the taste buds, well worth their $3.25 per cupcake price tag.

After Rodeo, we took the bus to The Grove Shopping Center and watched Angels & Demons, which was a real treat. Since The DaVinci Code was such a terrible film, I wasn't expecting much from the sequel. I'm glad it proved me wrong, though. The movie kept me excited and anxious (in a good way) at its every turn. I want to say that the movie was really raw, but I'm not sure what "raw" means, so maybe not. If you do see it, which I recommend you do, look out for Royce Hall (yes, part of Angels & Demons was filmed at UCLA) in the scene where Langdon and the detective walk through the arches at Harvard University. Only Hollywood would turn UCLA's historical building into Harvard University. Psch.

We finished off the day with some shopping at The Grove (the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale is on!) and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I highly recommend the dish I got today - the Salisbury Steak topped with sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions, which comes with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. I'm usually not a huge fan of large slabs of meat, but I devoured that steak. It was just that good.

I finally got that video from P and convinced it to upload to youtube. This is S and me riding a spinny ride of death at the Santa Monica Pier:

P's camera recorded it in HD, so check that out. And check our S's face while you're at it! :)


Stina said...

Hi Melinda :) I just talked to you a minute ago XD

my blog is: http://thumbelstina.blogspot.com. It's pretty boring.

I think you'll find my sister's blog more interesting XD her URL is http://lalatheartgeek.blogspot.com :)

(Encyclo)lydia said...

Oh man, just watching that video made me want to throw up. You are a daredevil!
And AH that sweater is taunting me! I almost bought it on supersale at Urban Outfitters but opted for the other stripey Kimchi and Blue rainbow one. You look so cute in it I'm regretting my choice a little.