Sunday, May 31

Getty it on

Wearing: my favorite Target Mossimo cardigan, thrifted floral dress, Target tights, Minnetonka triple-layer fringe boots

The love the idea of walking on water. I'm not Jesus, not a crouching tiger, and certainly not a hidden dragon, but I still love the idea. That's the illusion given by the rimless fountains in the courtyard of the Getty Museum. Today, P, C, and I spent the day at the Getty. At just $2.50 per person for round trip bus fare (free admission at the museum), this was the cheapest weekend trip we've ever taken. It was also one of the most blissfully relaxing day trips I've ever taken.

I'm not sure when it happened, but I think I've grown up [a little]. I used to hate museums. I hated that they were so boring, hated that it was always so quiet inside, and I really hated how I had to walk so much to see millions of paintings that looked so similar. Today, it dawned on me that I really like museums. Nowhere else can I find the kind of peace and serenity that a museum holds. Nowhere else can I find the quiet calm and stillness that settles within me while I wander from painting to painting, contemplating life. I like to see a painting, then picture an 18th century artist perched at his easel, gently easing strokes of paint onto the canvas. I also like looking at antiques and imagining historical figures sitting in the well-loved armchairs and sleeping within the faded sheets of the old beds in front of me.

After seeing the galleries, we took a tour of the beautiful Getty Gardens.

From above, it looks green and serene, but from within, the garden teems with life in every color from every angle. It really was magical!

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