Friday, April 3

Meet Gimbal

After watching High School Musical 3 with P yet again, I decided to add that The Perfect Man sings and dances with you atop a piano. :)

Today was my day of hell. Every Friday this quarter, I start class at 9am and end at 3pm without breaks. I finished early today, which worked out well because I then had time to find my Math TA in his office in some obscure corner of the Mathematical Sciences Building. It's a good thing that building is home to engineering classes because only engineers can find their way around that place. I had to call A.Lo to get un-lost after cornering myself in a stairway. On the bright side, I was the only one in my TA's office, so he helped me work through the rest of my homework.

I rewarded myself for surviving Week 1 by going shopping online. I bought these boots to spice up my spring/summer wardrobe:

Above, Steve Madden's Gimbal, in cognac leather. I'm normally opposed to heeled boots, but cowboy boots are definitely an exception. Oh, how Steve Madden warms my heart.

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yaiskor said...

i didn't know either. but i don't know what to do with her, since you know, i already have her brother.

anyway, always make exceptions for cowboys. from their hats to their boots, they definitely had style.

i read over a.lo as aloe. thought i'd add that in there.