Wednesday, April 29

Because I've accepted procrastinating as a way of life...

I've recently rediscovered Sea of Shoes. Jane Aldridge is simply amazing. (I know, I'm still working on getting that thesaurus.) I find myself drooling over every shoe and every piece of vintage in her magnificently spacious closet. I'm seriously reconsidering picking up outfit posts again. It's just so much work...

Just in time after midterms, the shipment from Forever 21 came today. Since the factory is based in LA, it takes about a day for orders to get delivered to our dorms. The order included this nail polish:

Above, nail polish in Twilight. Gotta love the color, gotta love the name. I also bought this headband:

Above, the chiffon flower headband. The chiffon-and-lace flower is so dainty and soft. It's just girly enough to dress up casual outfits, yet formal enough to pair with my classic Jessica McClintock mini for my cousin's summer wedding. (Yeah, I think up outfits a lot in advance.) And oh I think I'm in love with this dress:

Above, the babydoll colorblock dress. It's simple, playful, a bit childish, and ultra-flattering. I'm planning on debuting it at Battle Royale, a clubbing event I'm attending this Friday night in honor of H, who is performing with her dance team. I'm really looking forward to it because I haven't properly gone out in so long. Plus, the event is being held at Union Station. I can't wait to see how they set it up.

Finally, I have a random to share. Check out this perfectly-engineered-by-Mother-Nature pear:

So the resolution on my cell phone camera doesn't exactly flatter the color, but this pear is the most deliciously crisp green. And the little leaf on top makes it so cute. It breaks my heart to think that I'll have to eat it soon.

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angie said...

D: for some weird reason my firefox refreshed and deleted my comment to you =__=;

you are so silly XP EAT THAT PEARRRRR haha
mm i think you should do outfit posts! you dress so awesomely haha (: