Wednesday, February 11

Brrr, it's cold in here.

Since I haven't ranted about school in a while...

MATH: I skipped math this morning to reward myself for finishing the first round of midterms, which (knock on wood) went fairly well. Afterwards, H informed me that we've finished with single-variable calculus and moved on to multi-variable in lecture this morning, to which I responded, "FML." I tried to do the homework, but got stuck on the first problem, so I called A.Lo for backup. It's a good thing I have genius friends.

CHEM: As strange as it is to say so, chem is getting better. I'm actually understanding (again, knock on wood) the new section on kinetics. Plus, Laurence cancelled class this Friday to jump start the long weekend!

CHEM LAB: The midterm went well, so I'm hoping my grade isn't in jeopardy yet. Someone told me that Johnni Pang grades all of this midterms personally, so I probably won't see the grade for a while, but I've come to expect my grade to constantly need saving in all things chemistry-related. On the bright side, my TA for this class is so eccentric and doesn't usually know what she's doing, so she's not too hard on us. To add to that brightness, my lab partner knows his stuff and entertains me endlessly. Maybe there's hope for me in chemistry after all...

ENGLISH COMP: Class is interesting. That's really all I have to say about it. I just don't see how I can ace a first draft, revise said draft according to my teacher's specifications, then get a B as a final grade on the paper. How unreasonable.

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. THREE DAY WEEKEND, that actually starts at 10:00AM on Friday for me. :)
2. Shopping in Santa Monica this weekend with P, A.Lo, and TJ.
3. Authentic Thai cuisine in our dining halls, pointed out to me by C.
4. A package in the mail containing this:

The frigid weather encouraged me to order this Whitney Port-inspired headband from Bryn. How can I say I'm from NorCal when I feel the need to bundle up every time the temperature drops below 65?

I made a new header and played around with the text and background colors. Looking at the pictures from the snow in my old header was making me colder than necessary.

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