Wednesday, February 4


I am so grateful for all the people who made my birthday amazing - everyone who called, texted, and left facebook messages. Thanks to those who came to dinner with me, and to those who played Cranium with me afterwards despite having tons of schoolwork to do. What would I do without you guys?

The biggest thank you goes to my Be Fri, the bestest friend/roomie I could ever have asked for, or not asked for but got anyways. Thank you for the bombardment of text messages at midnight, the birthday wallpaper, and the present (talk about best present EVER! looking forward to movie nights!). Thank you for not getting mad at the harmonica wake-up, and for letting me wear your spankies to dinner. And thanks for everything else you do, like listening to me complain about my dry skin. I LOVE YOU!

And happy birthday to DENNIS HO, my birthday and eggettes buddy! I miss you/ eggettes over spring break for sure!

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