Thursday, February 19

chem lab and pity texts

Meet my lab group. I've spent more time these past two days on chemistry lab than on life. My life is so sad.

TJ says, "PARTY in the hizhousefizzleshizzle!"

J says, "Time for lab. Change into pants."

C says... actually, she was pretty quiet.

The thing about the pity texts... I was in the lounge with a friend a while ago and I was expecting a text. I thought my phone vibrated, so I was sad when I discovered that I had actually imagined the vibration. He felt [I had typed "left" instead of "felt" earlier. Maybe I'm more dyslexic than I thought...] sorry for me and sent me a pity text. When I retold this story to my lounge, my floormates thought it would be hilarious to bombard me with pity texts.

Melinda says, "Stop pity texting me."


Cory Soto said...

"He left sorry for me and sent me a pity text."

dyslexic, much?


(Encyclo)lydia said...

Oh those phantom vibrations...they get me every time.
And aw your friends are adorable for the pity text bombardment. This lounge sounds cute as well.