Sunday, February 22

White Horse

Today, I spent hours studying for my math midterm only to realize that I could fail this one and it wouldn't affect my grade because I aced my first midterm. FML. (I'm in love with Really, though, I worked really hard on the practice midterm and extra practice problems (with A.Lo's help, thank god) and now understand most of the material. My class just made the transition from single- to multi-variable calculus, so we're all feeling quite lost at the moment. I've never really felt the need to study for math until this quarter.

Fed up with studying, I went over to A.Lo's dorm and played guitar (translation: he taught me how to play). This was the first time my fingers traced the frets in over two years. As glorious as it was to be playing again, I was disappointed at myself for forgetting pretty much everything I had learned in my previous guitar lessons. The saddest part is that I had lost the calluses on my hand when I stopped playing and now I have to get them back. The fingertips on my left hand burn when I run them under hot water and tingle as I type. Still, I left A.Lo's dorm in the best mood and brought his spare acoustic, which I've named White Horse, back to my dorm with me to practice in my free time.

I watched He's Just Not That Into You last night. P watched it a while ago and hasn't stopped raving about it, so I was prepared for the movie to wow me. I was disappointed. I thought it was pretty standard, and not good enough to make my favorites list. I felt like the cast had so much potential and so much of their talent was wasted in making the somewhat bland film. Plus, the ending was so predictable - so typical. I'm a sucker for both chick flicks and happy endings, but this one just didn't leave much of an impression on me in the end.

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