Thursday, February 26

Oh, shoot. Crap! EFF.

Not many people on my floor are religious. Regardless, most of us have chosen to give up at least one thing for the season of Lent. We're not trying to discover our spiritual selves or bring ourselves closer to God, but we all believe that there is something in sacrifice that centers the soul. Some of us are sacrificing to find what is really important in life, some of us are doing it to support the others, and the rest might just be doing it because everyone else is.

One of my friends has deactivated her Facebook account and will restrain from checking her page for a month. TJ, R, and I are giving up meat for a month. This will be especially hard for TJ because for her, meat is synonymous to life itself. Since I don't particularly need meat in my diet, going veggie for a month shouldn't be too bad. This is why I've chosen to forgo swearing as well. That, my friends, is already taking a lot of self-restraint. I never realized how much I cursed until I deleted those words from my vocabulary.

I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with Swift. I'm also really excited to go swimming tomorrow as its been too long since I've been in a pool. Oh, how I've missed the chlorine.

p.s. New header. Check it.

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(Encyclo)lydia said...

I vowed to never give anything up for Lent ever since my Catholic school forced me to do so every year for 9 years. I never actually gave anything up, but just to spite those nuns who drove me so crazy I can't even acknowledge Lent! Haha.
But your making me want to do otherwise. Giving up meat is SUCH good idea. Let me know how it goes — I've always liked the idea of being a vegetarian. Maybe a quick stint at it will satisfy me. Let me know how it goes!