Wednesday, September 10


Blogging is addictive, almost as addictive as shopping. Who cares if no one reads your blogs? Who cares if complete strangers can see everything about you online? It really is addictive. For those of us that are too lazy to actually write things down in a journal, blogging really hits the spot when we need to vent, or just share some things we find interesting. the difference between "lie" and "lay." I have to admit I just spent a good five minutes on grammargirl (Yes, I am just that nerdy.) re-learning how to use the two. During dinner, my dad asked me whether he should ask a patient "lie down" or "lay down" to be grammatically correct, and I astounded myself when I couldn't answer. So now I know. One lies down, but one lays down an object. "Lay" requires a direct object. Just thought I'd share that.

Today, I was supposed to meet Shelby and Rhea (Again, I know, but I really love these girls!) at noon, but being the only one on time (FOR ONCE), I decided to indulge in some shoe shopping. I have to say this: shoes are my fatal flaw. As soon as I walked into Loehmann's Shoes, I couldn't help but want every shoe on every shelf. There was an indescribably perfect pair of grey suede Elie Tahari T-strap pumps that I didn't dare try on for fear of liking/buying them. Seriously, $160 is a bit much for heels for my budget, however perfect they may be. Instead, I settled for a $20 pair of elastic banded, olive Blowfish flats that I had contemplated buying earlier at DSW.

Ohsocute, and practical for LA, wouldn't you say? And they somehow make my feet look unrealistically small. Kudos to Blowfish.

I guess this is the beginning of my fashion blogging. I really liked my outfit today. I bought the dress even though it was too big because it was too cheap to forgo. I pulled the straps in and luckily, my dryer shrinks everything, so it ended up fitting quite well.

boyfriend cardigan: Mossimo, Target
dress: LUX, Urban Outfitters
tights: Leggs, Rite Aid
flats: Fascination, some boutique in Paris
bag: thrifted, Clothes Contact

The girls and I, once again, shopped Marc by Marc Jacobs (We're addicted.) before heading over to Benefit to get my brows arched for free. Mel's Asian frugality strikes again! I did splurge on some cuties at Marc by Marc, though!

This shiny silver necklace was screaming "BUY ME!" the moment I laid eyes on it. I had to obey.

This nifty little pen is disguised as a firetruck-red lipstick. It'll be a nice desktop decoration for my dorm room. Pretty and functional, I like!

When I got my transfer today, I noticed the big "10" at the top and it dawned on me that I only have a mere nine days left in the city before I move to LA. I then realized that I should really start packing for the dorm because I want to feel prepared to make the move to LA, and packing last-minute is just counterproductive. That's why tomorrow, I'm going to start packing, make a list of things I'm missing, and make a final dorm-shopping run to Target. I also need to do about four loads of laundry. If not, I won't have any more clean brassieres to wear, and that's just not decent.

p.s. My room has gotten considerably cleaner now that I've picked up my clothes (to do laundry tomorrow) and put away all of the computer programs that I installed on Lappie.

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